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Since 1992, Florida Yachts International, commonly referred to as FYI, has been passionately involved in Luxury Yachting experience.

We like to think that our longevity is due to our highly ethical relational selling methodology. We treat every client like a loved member of our family. Due to this, we have outlasted most luxury yachting businesses. Today, we have been in the yachting business for more than 25 years – we continue to build a network of loved family members, friends and colleagues all around the world.

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Yacht Brokerage

Our yacht brokerage side of the business is composed of international Luxury Yacht Consultants and combined have more than 300 years-experience in the yachting industry. Our Yacht brokers are experts in identifying the right yacht or yacht capital program designed to meet your needs. From buying yachts to selling yachts, new luxury construction to pre-owned yachts, luxury charters and everything in between we have the necessary resources for you to live your best yachting life. Whether you look to cruising in splendor or fishing in style, our expert team will make your journey a smooth sail.

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