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If your heart beats for the allure of Italian craftsmanship, Pershing Yachts are your ultimate calling. A harmonious blend of speed, performance, style, and comfort, these yachts epitomize the pinnacle of Italian design and innovation.

Step into a world where Pershing yachts reign supreme, celebrated for their impeccable composite performance and robust engines. A true testament to engineering mastery, these vessels effortlessly surge through the waters, with the fastest Pershing yacht surging beyond ordinary boundaries, attaining speeds that often exceed 50 knots. Pershing yachts equipped with three engines harness up to 7400hp, boasting unique Rooster Tails and an array of distinctive propulsion systems, including hydro-jets, gas turbines, and surface propellers. But speed is not the only hallmark of Pershing yachts.

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Pershing Yachts for Sale

These vessels are crafted with precision and care, incorporating a unique lamination system known as vacuum infusion. This meticulous process bestows upon them a superstructure of unparalleled strength, durable fiberglass, and an enduring deck, ensuring that each Pershing yacht is a paragon of excellence that withstands the test of time.

As you explore Pershing yachts for sale, you’re embarking on a journey that marries the elegance of Italian design with the thrill of exceptional performance. From the lavish interiors to the sleek exteriors, every detail is a reflection of passion and expertise, resulting in a yachting experience that redefines luxury on the open waters. Your dream of sailing in Italian style awaits—set sail with Pershing Yachts and immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled splendor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Owns Pershing Yachts?

The history of Pershing yachts began in 1981 with Italian Entrepreneurs Fausto Filippetti, Tilli Antonelli, and Giuliano Onori. In 1988, the Ferretti Group acquired the Pershing Yachts. Under the group’s leadership, the company thrived and grew its operations in terms of size and capacity.

Who Owns Pershing Yachts?

Pershing has its yacht building facility located in Mondolfo, Italy. The company has a “Made in Italy” quality mark on its yachts.

How Much Are Pershing Yachts?

Pershing yacht prices vary depending on model, class/type, and condition (new or used).

Who Makes Pershing Yachts?

Pershing has been one of the most prominent boat makers in Italy’s history for a long time. They are a top-tier yacht manufacturer of high-performing luxury yachts, motor yachts and sports yachts.

The Pershing yachts stand out for their:

  • Extraordinary performance
  • Elegant Italian style
  • High-quality materials

Meticulously crafted interiors that provide ultimate luxury and comfort

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Pershing Yacht Models

Every Pershing yacht model features a custom touch of style, function, size, and shape, meaning you will always get what you want. Pershing is also known for its variety of yacht classes that include:

Pershing yachts for sale are available in different sizes. The smallest Pershing yacht is 38 feet, whereas the largest Pershing yacht is up to 140 feet in length. You can get a black Pershing yacht that best suits your needs.

New and used Pershing yachts for sale come with extensive and highly innovative monolith curvatures around the windscreen and windows. These features allow you to enjoy the outside view of the ocean and have plenty of natural light on board for a livelier yachting experience.

What to Expect with Pershing Yachts

Pershing yachts have been one of the global market’s most fabulous, stylish, and luxurious yachts. Pershing yachts boast stylish and comfortable exterior and interior designs that offer a functional and luxurious touch. Regardless of the size, shape, and style you want, you can find a new or used Pershing yacht that fits your boating needs.

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