Benetti Yachts for Sale

Benetti Yachts for Sale

Overview of Benetti Yachts

With nearly 150 years in operation, Benetti Yachts is one of the leading superyacht builders globally. It’s also the oldest luxury yacht shipyard in Europe, delivering over 300 yachts.

When you buy a Benetti yacht, be ready to step into a premium super yacht that provides:

  • High-performance
  • Superior comfort
  • Unmatched durability
Benetti Yachts for Sale
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Benetti yachts are also beautiful; as the brand uses a unique combination of skilled artistry and Italian design. Each new Benetti yacht adopts an up-to-date and vibrant approach, giving these yachts a top-notch elegance status.

The shipyard manufactures custom and semi-custom luxury yachts, including the Benetti super yachts. All these are built-in fiber-reinforced plastic, steel, and aluminum. Also, each Benetti yacht contains benefits from comprehensive in-house styling and design services.

Benetti yachts also feature historical tradition and innovative technology that make them appealing. At the same time, these yachts offer classic and modern interior options to choose from.

Benetti’s Exclusive Sea Technology (BEST) is the latest technology platform incorporating all onboard electrical systems for superb comfort. If you want a Benetti yacht that will suit your yachting design dreams, consider the Benetti custom range.

The smallest Benetti Diamond superyacht is 30 meters (98 feet), while the largest Benetti yacht is 107 meters (351 feet) long . Benetti 60 meter yacht is the average yacht size the brand offers.

The brand is also sought-after for their:

  • Benetti Motor yacht
  • Benetti Super Yacht
  • Benetti Sailing Yachts
  • Benetti Cruisers
  • Classic and Antique Yachts

The Benetti yacht models that make the brand stand out in the market include:

  • Benetti FB601 M/Y Hawa
  • Benetti FB277 M/Y Lana
  • Benetti FB275 M/Y IJE
  • Benetti FB273 M/Y Alpha
  • Benetti FB269 M/Y Spectre
  • Benetti FB268 M/Y Seasense
  • Benetti FB265 M/Y II.II
  • Benetti FB262 M/Y Lionheart

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Who Builds Benetti Yachts?

Azimut Benetti Group is the maker of Benetti yachts. According to the history of Benetti yachts, the company started by constructing wooden boats to ease local and international trade. Today, the Azimut Benetti Group is known as one of the oldest and largest luxury Italian superyachts builders worldwide in terms of production.

Who Owns Benetti Yachts?

Azimut Benetti Group is a popularTurin-based shipbuilder and owner of Benetti Yachts.

The group also owns other prestigious yacht brands such as:

  • Azimut Yachts
  • Yachtique
  • Royal Yacht Club Moscow
  • Lusben
  • Marina di Varazze
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Where are Benetti Yachts Built?

New Benetti yachts are manufactured in several yacht building facilities located in Italy. These include:

  • Viareggio
  • Fano
  • Livorno

Benetti Yacht Reviews

Benetti Yacht is a world-class luxury Italian yacht builder and superyacht shipyard. The brand uses the latest technology and innovation, including skill, experience, and artistry.

The “Benetti Quality System” comprises a pool of specialists and experts who conduct over 1000 quality tests and checks. These qualities have made Benetti successful, placing it on top of the industry.

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Benetti Yachts for Sale


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