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Indulge in the legacy of excellence with Bertram Yachts, renowned for crafting some of the most seaworthy and versatile boats available today. Seamlessly blending impeccable engineering with stunning aesthetics, Bertram Yachts stand as a testament to the perfect union of form and function. Whether you’re seeking an adventure-filled island-hopping escapade with friends or a rewarding day of fishing, Bertram Yachts deliver uncompromising performance and style.

Elevate your maritime journey with Bertram, a brand that has achieved legendary status in the realm of boats. However, their dedication to innovation remains as strong as ever, propelling them forward into the modern era. With Bertram Yachts, you’re not just embracing history; you’re embracing a commitment to progress and evolution.

Bertram Boats for Sale
39 ft Bertram 2008-9015878

Each Bertram yacht for sale offers an extraordinary blend of time-honored craftsmanship and contemporary innovation. Explore our collection and discover a vessel that effortlessly marries beauty and functionality, all while carrying a storied history of maritime excellence. Choose Bertram Yachts for a truly exceptional experience on the water.

While upholding its storied legacy, Bertram Yachts thrives on the fusion of time-tested tradition with cutting-edge innovation. History is rooted in a pioneering spirit, exemplified by its founder Richard “Dick” Bertram, whose visionary use of the Deep-V hull design revolutionized powerboat racing. Bertram, owned by Ferretti Group, continues to push the boundaries of design and performance proving commitment to progress. Embark on your luxurious yachting journey now and speak with a Bertram Yacht specialist


Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy a Bertram Yacht?

Florida Yachts International’s worldwide inventory of boats stands out as one of the leading Bertram boat dealers for new and used yachts on the market. All of our yacht consultants are experts. The FYI team has over 300 years of experience combined in finding the perfect vessel for each of every customer. And we’re excited to work with you to help you find the best Bertram boats for sale! Please give us a call today with your questions at  305-239-4978. You may also contact us online.

Who Owns Bertram Yachts?

Bertram was acquired by the Italian multinational shipbuilding giant, Feretti Group, in 1998. This innovative company has introduced a wide range of new models and many innovative new features.

Where are Bertram Yachts Made?

Bertram boats are produced in Italy. They are developed by world-class craftsmen who are sailors themselves. This ensures that every aspect of the boat is carefully considered, both for performance and for aesthetics.

How does Bertram balance its legacy with modern innovation?
Bertram Yachts carries a rich legacy in boat manufacturing while continually integrating modern innovations. The brand’s commitment to progress means that even as they honor their history, they embrace the latest technologies, materials, and design trends. This fusion of tradition and innovation sets Bertram Yachts apart in delivering boats that reflect the best of both worlds.
What should I consider when looking at Bertram Yachts for sale?
When exploring Bertram Yachts for sale, consider factors such as the intended use of the boat, size, features, and amenities that align with your preferences. Additionally, understanding the history of the specific model and its reputation for performance can help you make an informed decision. Working with experienced yacht brokers familiar with Bertram Yachts can provide valuable insights to guide your selection process.
What makes Bertram Yachts stand out in terms of seaworthiness and design?
Bertram Yachts are renowned for their exceptional engineering that prioritizes seaworthiness and versatility. The brand’s boats are designed to handle a range of maritime activities while maintaining stability and performance. The timeless design elements ensure that each Bertram Yacht boasts both functional excellence and aesthetic beauty.
54 ft Bertram 1987-9020004

History of Bertram Yachts

Bertram Boats have been in the boating business for over 60 years. The company’s founder, Richard “Dick” Bertram was a competitive sailor with a deep-seated love for boating. He quickly adopted the hobby at 10 years old when he entered his first boat race. Over the years, he developed a reputation for being an excellent deep-water racing contender. 

Bertram continued with his boating hobby throughout his life, until the late 1950s when fiberglass boats were just coming up, and about to revolutionize the sector. Powerboat racing was popular, but most boats were on the smaller side and had flat bottoms.

Dick Bertram was one of the first to use a Deep-V hull, which performed great on the 1960 Miami-Nassau Race (and these waters are known for being particularly rough). So much of it that Bertram felt that he just needed to go into the business of producing such boats. He then formed the Bertram Yacht Company and premiered their first boat in 1961. 

54 ft Bertram 1987-9020004

Fishing Boat Models:

  • Bertram 450
  • Bertram 570
  • Bertram 630
  • Bertram 700
  • Bertram 540 Sportfisher
  • Bertram 800


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