Riva Yachts for Sale

Riva Yachts for Sale

Overview of Riva Yachts

Riva is a legendary Italian manufacturer of classic runabouts and first-class superyachts. It’s also one of the elite yachting brands worldwide. The history of Riva yachts began in 1842 when Pietro Riva started making fishing boats while also manufacturing racing boats. As such, the company won many trophies between the years 1920 and 1930s.

During this period, Riva grew in popularity. Soon after that, possessing a new or used Riva yacht was a distinctive mark of style and elegance. Riva boat yards are a legend in the yacht-making realm. They are also a testament to the long-term appeal of aesthetic design and Italian styling, which have become the brand’s hallmark.

Even after joining the Ferretti Group in 2000, Riva continued its outstanding performance. The brand found entry into the superyacht market by building the 26 meter Riva megayacht Domino superyacht in 2010. Riva continues to manufacture new Riva yacht models to continue the Riva traditions and legacy.

Riva Yachts for Sale

Over the years, buyers of new Riva yachts have been distinctly Hollywood movie stars, entrepreneurs, kings, and emperors. This has made Riva a global name for incredible yachting experience and high status. For over 175 years now, Riva has continued to thrive, manufacturing extravagant and big superyachts.

Riva yachts for sale come in different sizes to suit different user needs. The smallest models are 16 feet in length, whereas the largest Riva yacht is up to 110 feet. Also, the company is usually revered and relied upon for its:

  • Classic and Antique Yachts
  • Cruisers
  • Express Cruiser
  • Flybridge
  • Riva Motor Yachts
  • Riva Super Aquarama
  • Yacht 88 Domino Super

Some of the best and most popular Riva yacht models include:

  • Riva 110’ Dolcevita Flybridge
  • Riva 122’ Mythos
  • Riva 88’ Domino Super
  • Riva 86’ Domino
  • Riva 75’ Venere Super
  • Riva 68’ Ego Super
  • Riva 63’ Vertigo
  • Riva 63’ Virtus
  • Riva 56’ SportRiva
  • Riva 33’ AquaRiva Super
  • Riva 27’ ISEO

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Who Builds Riva Yachts?

The Ferretti Group builds new Riva yachts for sale. It’s a leading manufacturer of luxury motor yachts and superyachts while focusing on continuing the Riva family’s boat-making legacy.

Who Owns Riva Yachts?

The Riva family initially owned Riva yachts until 1991, when Rolls Royce bought 100% of Riva shares. In 2000, the Ferretti Group acquired Riva Yachts, relaunching the brand while focusing on what made Riva renowned:

  • Quality
  • Style
  • Design
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Where are Riva Yachts Built?

Riva yachts are built in a shipyard on Lake Iseo in Sarnico near Bergamo, Italy. The shipyard began its operations in 1842 and still operates to date.

Riva Yacht Reviews

When you buy a Riva yacht, you get a distinct mix of performance and luxury. The limited selection of ultra-exclusive new and used Riva yachts for sale sets them in a class of their own.

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