All About Florida Yachts International in Miami

When yacht shopping, you need to get the best vessel that suits your needs. The best way to get your dream yacht is by choosing a reputable, certified, and experienced yacht dealer.

Florida Yachts International (FYI) is a premier yacht dealer in Miami, Florida. They offer world-class high-performance yachts to match your yachting demands.

Call our team of expert yacht consultants at 305-239-4978 to find out more about the worldwide inventory of boats we currently have available or with questions about beginning your yacht lifestyle. You may also contact us online.

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Who Are FYI?

FYI is the leading yacht brokerage in Miami, FL. They operate locally and internationally, with offices in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. This outstanding Miami yacht dealership has been in the yacht business for over 30 years, making them one of the most experienced dealers in the luxury yacht industry.

Florida Yachts International leverages its vast years of experience to satisfy the yachting needs of hundreds of clients across Miami, its neighbors, and worldwide. They offer clients a unique platform to buy or sell new and used luxury fishing yachts. This enables the company to generate revenue worth $2.79 million in sales.

FYI was founded in 1992 by Ralph Navarro, a highly experienced and prosperous yacht dealer. Ralph utilized his expertise to grow the company to where it is today. As the company’s CEO, Ralph is always open-minded and anticipates new trends and shifts. This ensures FYI continues to provide the world’s best yachts to suit the present ever-expanding yacht marketplace.

What Does FYI Do?

Regardless of the yacht brand, model, year or make you want, FYI has something for you. The company dedicates itself to meeting clients’ unique yachting needs. It provides an extensive collection of used and new luxury yachts for sale. So trust their yacht experts to help you find the best motor yacht for ocean cruising today.

Do you want to sell a pre-owned yacht still in good condition but don’t know where to sell it? FYI offers you an excellent way to sell your yacht and raise cash for personal use or upgrade to a better vessel? The company’s team of expert yacht consultants will fight for your best interests and shield you throughout the yacht-selling process.

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Why Choose FYI?

300+ Years Combined Experience

FYI’s expert yacht consultants boast over 300 years of combined experience in the luxury yacht realm. They’re also experts in designing an apt program to meet every client’s needs. So whether you want new construction or a pre-owned luxury yacht, this team of experts is here to help you find the perfect solution to enjoy a remarkable yachting experience.

Comprehensive Inventory of Luxury Lifestyle Yachts

FYI has a vast inventory of used and new luxury yachts for sale from some of the industry-leading and best brands of yachts in the world. These yacht-builders include:

30+ Years of Expertise in the Business

FYI has been in the yacht dealership business for nearly three decades. Its experts know how best to help the clients get a vessel for their budget and enjoy a lifelong and memorable yachting lifestyle.


Florida Yachts International knows how to build and maintain excellent relationships with clients and partners. The company strives to offer cutting-edge services to meet their needs, making them return to repurchase the best sailing yachts.

Global Reach

FYI has its headquarters in Miami but has continuously expanded to the global marketplace. This Miami yacht dealership has offices in Asia, Latin America, and Europe to provide exclusive yachts for clients worldwide.


Creativity and flexibility are part of FYI‘s DNA. Since 1992, FYI has seen many industry changes, enabling them to offer alternative custom solutions for people to enjoy an exquisite yachting lifestyle in the ever-changing world.

So, if you ever wonder where to buy yachts, Florida Yachts International is the one-stop shop to consider. They have highly qualified and experienced expert yacht consultants dedicated to helping you find your dream yacht. Call 305-239-4978 or contact us online and speak to one of our FYI expert yacht consultants today to learn more about their luxury yachts for sale.