Boat FAQs

Some of the Most Common Questions about Boats

Boats are great for cruising on the water, exploring new waterways, and getting around on the ocean or lake. They are used for fishing and water sports, such as waterjet skiing and parasailing. They also offer the best in vacationing for families.

Florida Yachts International has over 300 years of experience in the boating industry. We are the experts atin helping you to understand everything about boats.

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How To Get a Boat License

You should first take a boating safety course to get a boating license. This course teaches how to handle different situations and conditions on the water and is required for anyone purchasing a boat. This requires you to learn boating basics, such as what you should do if your boat capsizes, what is a good safety precaution when fueling your craft, how to anchor a boat, and how to remove old boat decals.

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How to Register a Boat?

A water vessel subject to registration under the Act includes all types, including motorboats, fishing vessels, houseboats, and other water boats. If you want to know how to register a boat in Florida, you will need to submit the following information:

  • Name and address of the owner(s)
  • Registration number or stamp number (where applicable)
  • Serial numbers for major components of the vessel
  • Type and make of the engine
  • Model year of the boat
  • License number
  • State inspection sticker for engine or paint/carburetor date/proof of seller’s ownership
  • Current registration sticker, if required by law
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Why It’s Important to Choose the Right Boat Broker to Sell Your Boat

Selling a boat, requires showing the boat to potential buyers and consistently following up with them toand convince them to buy. The best way to sell your boat is to work with a professional boat broker. Licensed and experienced boat brokers are highly experienced at marketing boats to sell and getting the best price. Boat brokers are also better at identifying hot prospects. These brokers are also extremely familiar with the entire boat selling process (including paperwork). They make the selling your boat much easier and more profitable. 

At Florida Yachts International, we are yachts brokers who strategically advertise your boat on our cross-platform marketing services. Our database reaches over 50,000 people per day! This makes selling your boat easier than selling it on your own.

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Do You Have To Have Insurance on a Boat?

If you have a small sailboat with basic equipment and spend less time on the water, it’s unlikely that you need insurance. However, if you are planning on sailing around the world or taking your boat out on the high seas, it would be wise to get coverage. In addition, you may want to consider marine insurance because it protects you if your boat is damaged while on the water or stolen.

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What Is a Good Safety Precaution When Fueling Your Boat?

When fueling your boat, taking precautions is essential to prevent any hazards. Fueling a boat poses serious risks if not done correctly. Make sure to use quality fuel and take caution with the process. 


Here are some helpful tips for fueling a boat:
  • Listen to all communications regarding the fueling location and instructions
  • Always check that the plugs are removed or the cap is tightly before turning over the boat
  • Never refuel while someone is inside your boat
  • Do not leave fuel in an open container overnight
  • Never start the engine if the gas cap is not tight
  • Make sure you have a fire extinguisher on board for added safety

Let’s Get in Touch

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What Is the Beam of a Boat?

The beam is a boat’s width measured at its widest point. It determines a boat’s stability on the seawater.

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What Is the Hull of a Boat?

A hull is a boat’s watertight body. Its top may be open or fully, or partially closed.

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What Is the Keel of a Boat?

Keel is a boat’s backbone, the lowest point of its hull. It provides stability and prevents the boat from drifting sideways.

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What Is the Helm of a Boat?

A helm is a wheel, tiller, or vessel used to steer a boat or ship. It’s where the driver or skipper spends most of their time when cruising.

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What Side of a Boat is Port?

A boat’s left side is the port. It allows a boat to dock at ports.

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What Side of the Boat is Starboard?

Starboard is a boat’s right side.

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What is a Transom on a Boat?

A transom is a cross-sectional reinforcement used to strengthen a boat’s stern. It’s where you attach a single or dual outboard motor.

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How to Dock a Boat?

  • Prepare the dock lines on your boat’s stern and bow, then attach fenders
  • Approach the dock slowly using intermittent acceleration
  • Turn to come alongside the dock or navigate into the boat slip
  • Use your docking lines to tie your boat onto the posts or cleats
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What is a Requirement for Fire Extinguishers on a Boat?

Boats less than 26 feet must have one 5-B fire extinguisher onboard. As for boats 26 to 40 feet, they need one 20-B or at least two 5-B fire extinguishers. Any boat 40 to 65 feet requires one 5-B and 20-B fire extinguisher or three 5-B fire extinguishers.

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Where Should Fire Extinguishers Be Stored on a Boat?

You should keep fire extinguishers in rooms that are likely to have fire outbreaks. Such areas include the cabin, bilge, kitchen, and hull. Consider placing a fire extinguisher in areas where passengers are likely to gather.

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What is a Requirement for Fire Extinguishers on a Boat?

Boats less than 26 feet must have one 5-B fire extinguisher onboard. As for boats 26 to 40 feet, they need one 20-B or at least two 5-B fire extinguishers. Any boat 40 to 65 feet requires one 5-B and 20-B fire extinguisher or three 5-B fire extinguishers.

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What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Depending on your policy coverage, boat insurance will cover damage to your boat or equipment onboard, including:

  • Accidental collisions with other vessels, debris, or submerged objects
  • Boat or equipment repairs
  • Fire damage
  • Medical bills for injuries caused
  • Theft or vandalism
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Do Boats Have Titles?

Yes. A boat title is a document that proves legal ownership. Depending on your state boating regulations, your boat may or may not have a title.

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What Does a Boat’s Capacity Plate Indicate?

A boat’s capacity plate shows the maximum weight or number of people a boat can carry safely.

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Do You Need a Boat License in Florida?

You don’t need a boat license in Florida. All you need to drive a boat in the state safely and legally is to have passed a boating education course approved by NASBLA (National Association of State Boating Law Administrators). You must also have been born on or after January 1, 1988.

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Why Are Boats Called She?

A boat is like a mother who takes care of her baby in the womb until delivery. When individuals aboard a boat, they stay inside her and are taken care of until they safely reach their destination.

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Where on a Boat Are Registration Numbers Placed?

The registration number exists on the boat’s bow, where it is visible.

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Why Should a Boat’s Gas Tank Never Be Completely Filled?

Your boat’s gas tank should never be over 90% full to allow gas to heat and expand when cruising. This helps prevent the risk of exploding.

How to Sell a Boat

The best and easiest way to sell a boat is through a reputable, professional, licensed boat broker or dealer. They help streamline boat-selling by enlisting your vessel on the local and international markets..

At Florida Yacht International, we are Florida’s #1 boat and yacht dealer. We have a team of yacht experts who strive to help you buy or sell a new or used boat with ease. Call us today at 305-239-4978 or contact us online to find out more!