Intrepid Powerboats for Sale

Intrepid Powerboats for Sale

Overview of Intrepid Powerboats

Intrepid brand has dominated the custom powerboat industry since its founding in 1983. Since then, the shipyard has solidified itself as one of the premier luxury center-console boatbuilders worldwide.

Owning an Intrepid powerboat is an amazing experience that exceeds that of most other boats in its class. New Intrepid boats feature state-of-art composite materials, including the latest technology for exceptional comfort and luxury.

Intrepid also offers clients ultimate customized options to meet their distinct boating needs.

Intrepid Powerboats for Sale

Clients can choose from custom features:

  • Engines
  • Hull color
  • Consoles with durable canvas or tops
  • Seats
  • Drive racks
  • Powder-coating seats and rails
  • Storage spaces and more

The First Intrepid Built

The 30ft Intrepid was the first powerboat the company built. This boat had an elegantly fused deck and hull crafted with a core composite system reinforced through the industry’s first-ever vacuum-bag infusion casting process.

With such a breakthrough, Sea Ray has manufactured lighter and stronger boats. These boats now offer a smoother, faster, and more fuel-efficient ride.

The initial Intrepid powerboat also signified the beginning of an infinite series of industry-leading advancements in marine engineering, design, and fabrication techniques. Afterwards, no Intrepid powerboat has been alike. Each Intrepid boat is ordered, constructed, and customized precisely to satisfy customer needs.

Each Intrepid powerboat boasts efficient and powerful design with luxury accommodations. These boats also undergo strict quality checks and attention to meet the highest standards.

The shipyard’s obsessive commitment to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction is evident in the countless manufacturing details and design. For this reason, the shipyard builds easy-to-operate and exceptionally durable boats.

Intrepid powerboat models are usually available in different sizes ranging from 24 to 47 feet for the largest vessels.

The Intrepid brand is often highly renowned for its:

  • Center Console Boats
  • Intrepid motor boat
  • Intrepid travel boat
  • Intrepid super boat
  • Intrepid sailing boat
  • Intrepid class captain’s boat
  • Express Cruiser Boats
  • Saltwater Fishing Boats

Some of the best models offered by Intrepid include:

  • Intrepid 430 sport
  • 390 Intrepid sport
  • Intrepid 47 sport
  • Intrepid 45

Below are some of the newest Intrepid powerboat models:

  • 438 Evolution
  • 477 Evolution
  • 327 Nomad
  • 345 Nomad FE
  • 375 Nomad FE
  • 407 Nomad FE
  • 345 Nomad SE
  • 375 Nomad SE
  • 407 Nomad SE
  • 51 Panacea
  • 407 Panacea
  • 475 Panacea
  • 345 Valor
  • 409 Valor

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Who Makes Intrepid Boats?

In 2021, MarineMax Products Inc. acquired Intrepid powerboats. It is currently the manufacturer of Intrepid boats. It’s the globe’s largest yacht and recreational boat retailer.

Who Owns Intrepid Boats?

JDG Undaunted LLC owns Intrepid Powerboats. It’s a domestic limited liability company based in Dallas, Texas. The company’s parent organization is MarineMax Products Inc., and its subsidiary company is Intrepid Powerboats Inc.

Intrepid powerboats for sale in Miami

Where are Intrepid Boats Built?

Intrepid initially began its boat-building operations in Opa-Locka, Florida. Over time, the brand shifted and expanded its operations to two facilities in Florida; a boat-building factory in Largo, Florida and a sales Center in Dania.

Intrepid Boat Review

Intrepid is widely known as a world-class manufacturer of customized powerboats. The shipyard carefully reflects the distinct desires of every owner by allowing one to have their dream motorboat.

Located in Largo, Florida, Intrepid sticks itself to a direct-to-consumer distribution model to meet customer satisfaction. The shipyard generated revenues in excess of $60 million. Intrepid has also received many accolades and awards thanks to its extraordinary innovations and high-quality artistry that develop industry-leading products in its class.

Where to Buy an Intrepid Powerboat?

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