Viking Yachts for Sale

Viking Yachts for Sale

Overview of Viking Yachts

For over 50 years, Viking has been the leading manufacturer of innovative, deluxe, and high-performing vessels. It is best known for creating some of the best tournament-caliber blue water sport yachts in the industry.

The Viking fishing yachts have a stellar reputation for their incredible fishing ability. They are known to have all the fishing amenities you could want when fishing offshore. These yachts are also great for relaxing after a long busy fishing day.

Viking Yachts are known for their best-in-class performance and craftsmanship. They have simple handling and responsiveness that you can’t find anywhere else. Viking yacht sizes range from 38-93 feet and are also available in different styles like:

  • Viking Opens
  • Viking Convertibles
  • Viking Motor Yachts
  • Viking Sport Yachts
Viking Yachts for Sale
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Who Makes Viking Yachts?

Viking Yachts is the premier manufacturer of quality open yachts, convertible yachts, and Viking motor yachts for sale. The company is arguably the global leader in the sportfishing market.

It all started in 1964 when Bob and Bill Healey (brothers) acquired Peterson Viking Builders, a small struggling boat maker of 37-feet wooden cruising and sport-fishing boats in New Jersey. These brothers set out on a joint venture that turned into one of the globe’s leading boat builders today.

Who Owns Viking Yachts?

For the past 55 years, the Healey Family has remained the private owner of Viking yachts. Currently, Pat Healey, Bill’s son, is the Viking Yacht’s president and CEO. Robert Healey Jr., Bob’s son, is Viking Group’s Executive Co-Chairman. This group manages Viking yachts, residential and commercial real estate interests, and significant investment portfolios.

Viking Yachts for Sale

Where are Viking Yachts Built?

The Viking Yachts factory in New Gretna, New Jersey, builds Viking yachts. This facility boasts 1300 talented artisans who dedicate themselves to meeting the company’s mantra of making a better Viking yacht every day. Besides, over 90% of each yacht gets produced in-house, and the factory provides about 80 new Viking yachts for sale every year.

How Much Are Viking Yachts?

The cost of a Viking yacht greatly varies depending on factors such as:

  • Model
  • New or used Viking yachts
  • Length
  • Engine package
  • Additional accessories

The base models don’t have additional options, upgraded features, or updated engine packages. This is why they cost lower than exclusive models like the Viking yachts for Princess, which come with extravagant add-ons. Used Viking yachts for sale offer you a great way to reap the benefits of a new Viking yacht at a reduced cost.

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Viking Yacht Reviews

Viking yacht company receives excellent reviews and ratings from Viking customers and employees. Besides, Viking yachts are recognized globally for their exceptional quality, and the are widely spread in the United States and Internationally.



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