Super Yachts for Sale

Super Yachts for Sale

Here at Florida Yachts International, we have the best super yachts for sale in Miami. Our fleet consists of the finest luxury super yachts, super super luxury yachts, and super sports fishing yachts that money can buy.

We know that the world of yacht ownership is important to high-value individuals and that’s why we have a team of industry experts with hundreds of years of combined experience to help guide you through the process. As the premier Florida yacht brokers, we have the best range of super yachts for sale in the state.

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Our Brands for Sale

There are many great manufacturers for people looking for a super yacht and here at FYI we have a huge range available for you to choose from including:

Super Yacht Sizes

Over recent decades, yachts have dramatically increased in size and splendor. While a 180-meter yacht used to seem unrealistic, in 2013 a yacht this size was custom-built for the president of the United Arab Emirates, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The construction of this yacht is surely a positive herald for the future of super yachts and has set a precedent that engineering firms around the world will be keen to match.

Industry experts agree that to be classified as a super yacht a vessel must be at least 60 meters long. This classification means that there’s a lot of difference between the length of a super yacht and what they can offer to owners.

For example, a 150-meter yacht will differ from a 110-meter yacht which in turn will also be slightly different to a 100-meter yacht. While super yachts may differ in size, they all provide a certain elegance and luxury that must be experienced to truly be appreciated.

Super yachts for sale

What’s Onboard a Super Yacht?

A super yacht has virtually everything you can think of that’s needed to help make your time aboard as enjoyable as possible. Although, as super yachts are almost entirely built to the unique specification of the client, what can be found onboard usually varies on a vessel-by-vessel basis. The amenities on a super yacht often include indoor hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms, gym equipment, personal cinema, and ample room for passengers and crew. Top-quality dining facilities and places to entertain a large number of guests are a feature of all super yachts.

Traveling in comfort and style is of paramount importance to super yacht passengers and the effort that goes into designing these vessels is a reflection of the premium price tag. Owners of super yachts expect the absolute best facilities to be present. The super yachts we have all satisfy these criteria and are some of the finest examples you’re likely to find for sale anywhere. Buying a super yacht is a huge investment. We have a team of dedicated consultants whose job it is to make sure you get the right super yacht for your requirements at the best price possible.

When you’re ready to begin your search for a super yacht for sale, Florida Yachts International will be available to help you find the best yacht for you! Call us today at 305-239-4978. You may also contact us online.

Since 1992, Florida Yachts International, commonly referred to as FYI, has been passionately involved in Luxury Yachting experience.

We like to think that our longevity is due to our highly ethical relational selling methodology. We treat every client like a loved member of our family. Due to this, we have outlasted most luxury yachting businesses. Today, we have been in the yachting business for more than 25 years – we continue to build a network of loved family members, friends and colleagues all around the world.

Our yacht brokerage side of the business is composed of international Luxury Yacht Consultants and combined have more than 300 years-experience in the yachting industry. Our Yacht brokers are experts in identifying the right yacht or yacht capital program designed to meet your needs.

From buying yachts to selling yachts, new luxury construction to pre-owned yachts, luxury charters and everything in between we have the necessary resources for you to live your best yachting life. Whether you look at cruising in splendor or fishing in style, our expert team will make your journey a smooth sail.

The FYI Family pledges to take care of your yachting needs to help you continue enjoying life on the water, from all parts of the world. With our global reach and extensive network of sales professionals, partners, and yachting industry experts, we will continue to deliver results our customers expect. Contact us today if you’re looking to buy or sell your vessel with an experienced team of yacht consultant experts.