Richmond Yachts for Sale

Richmond Yachts for Sale

Overview of Richmond Yachts

Richmond Yachts are some of the finest vessels built in North America. These superyachts maintain a consistent commitment to quality and beautiful design.

Richmond yachts are known for producing high volume fiberglass vessels. While most shipyards tend to go for modern interiors, Richmond yachts stand out with their traditional, highly detailed design and a classic silhouette. They have combined their traditional nautical aesthetics with the development of innovative features and state-of-the art technology. These yachts are the perfect choice for those who want to combine the appeal of a classic yacht with the best of modern innovations in the area.

Richmond yachts are unique in that they were owned by a former customer. This has always been a great asset to the brand due to the unique perspective this provides. That’s how they moved from making custom yachts (a distinctly time-consuming and often prohibitively expensive venture) to semi-custom yachts built on spec. This change allowed them to move closer to what customers want; a consistently great product for a reasonable price.

Richmond yachts for sale
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What Models Do Richmond Yachts Offer?

The company specialized in semi-custom motor yachts with semi-displacement hull configuration. They have produced a total of 9 vessels. These yachts vary in size between 137 to 151ft. The luxurious models are perfect for entertaining, as they have many spacious social areas. 

Some notable models include:

  • 2007 142ft Richmond Yacht Playpen
  • 2008 142ft Richmond Yacht Far From It
  • 2013 150ft Richmond Yacht Revive

Other Richmond Yachts are:

  • 2004 138ft Richmond Yacht Miss Stephanie
  • 2006 142ft Richmond Yacht Sun Chaser
  • 2010 150ft. Richmond Yacht Excellence
  • 2013 151ft. Richmond Yacht Catching Moments

Who Owns Richmond Yachts?

Richmond yachts were owned by Texas entrepreneur Don Davis. The company was formerly known as Sovereign Yachts and it went out of business in 2003 while building Davis’ yacht. That’s when he acquired the company, changed the name to Richmond Yachts and started trading. Over the years, he developed a world-class company with an excellent reputation. 

Where Are Richmond Yachts Built?

Richmond Yachts were built in Canada. Their shipyard consisted of over 70 000 sq. ft. Of manufacturing space and was located in the state of British Columbia. The fleet was designed by Setzer Yacht Architects while the interior was designed by Sean Pavlik.

Richmond Yachts for Sale

Richmond Yachts Reviews

Richmond Yachts have a great reputation on the market. They’re widely known are luxurious, dependable superyachts that can satisfy even the most discerning buyers. They’re especially appreciated by those who admire classic lines and traditional nautical interiors but don’t want to compromise on innovation. Today, Richmond yachts are synonymous with luxury and great performance. Those who own one of their boats can rest assured that they’ve chosen a boat with stellar reputation that will earn them the admiration of those in the know for years to come.

Where to Buy Richmond Yachts

If you’re looking to find Richmond Yachts for sale, take a browse at Florida Yachts International’s worldwide inventory. And please don’t hesitate to give one of our expert yacht consultants a call with questions at 305-239-4978. You may also contact us online. We’ll do our best to assist you on your search for the best boat for you and your family.


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