Mangusta Yachts for Sale

Mangusta Yachts for Sale

Overview of Mangusta Yachts

Mangusta yachts are famous for their long-range and one of the  fastest yachts in the industry. They are also stylish and luxurious with open-style performance motors. You will find these yachts spacious, giving you a thrilling yachting experience.

New Mangusta yachts have the latest technology that offer  more functionality and luxury. They have Italian designs and are among the most elegant and classy yachts available today.

The smallest Mangusta yacht being 72 feet long, whereas the biggest Mangusta yacht is up to 215 feet long. Regardless of how big Mangusta yachts are, they are still very fast as they can reach speeds of over 50 knots. That’s fast for a large yacht, as they aren’t made for motor racing.

Mangusta yachts are available in a vast range of models and classes. The brand is highly admired and depended on for their:

Mangusta Yachts for Sale
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Some outstanding Mangusta yacht models include:

  • Mangusta Gransport 33
  • Mangusta Gransport 45
  • Mangusta Gransport 54
  • Mangusta Maxi Open 104REV
  • Mangusta Maxi Open 132E
  • Mangusta Maxi Open 165REV
  • Mangusta Oceano 39
  • Mangusta Oceano 44
  • Mangusta Oceano 46
  • Mangusta Oceano 50
  • Mangusta Oceano 55
  • Mangusta Oceano 60

Mangusta Grandsport yachts are one of the latest world-class yacht models in the industry. They offer fast-displacement performance and are 164 feet long.

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Who Builds Mangusta Yachts?

Overmarine Group deals with the construction of all Mangusta yachts. It’s an honored Italian superyacht builder that provides long-range and luxury yachts. Besides, the group is a larger branch of the Rodriguez Group, a French superyacht builder.

Who Owns Mangusta Yachts?

Overmarine Group is a family-owned yacht brand. The history of Mangusta yachts began in 1985 when the Balducci family founded the brand. Since then, the Overmarine Group has led the construction of over 300 yachts.

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Where are Mangusta Yachts Built?

New Mangusta yachts for sale are built in three manufacturing facilities in Italy. They cover up to 190,000 square meters of occupied and unoccupied space.

The main shipyard is in Viareggio, Italy, where Mangusta Maxi Open yacht models are built. Darsena Pisana is the brand’s metal-working facility based in Pisa. The other shipyard is in Massa and deals with:

  • State-of-art composite construction
  • New technology integration
  • World-class engineering

Mangusta Yacht Reviews

Mangusta yacht is a  famous yacht  brand that is recognized and respected globally. It provides high-quality and performing yachts loaded with evolutionary Italian styles and technologies.

The brand focuses on building quality yachts with world-class functionality. This makes it highly valued and respected in the USA and the global yacht market.

Stepping into models, such as the Mangusta 94 yacht for sale  feels amazing. You will appreciate these yachts’ remarkable quality, beauty, and reliability. They provide everything you can ask for in a yacht of such high caliber.

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