Buying a Yacht

Benefits of Buying with Florida Yachts International

Buying a yacht entails more than simply shopping and making an investment; it is a lifestyle decision that encompasses adventure, friendship, as well as challenges. Having an experienced, licensed Yacht Consultant is invaluable to making the right decision.


FYI Yacht Consultants and our team of yachting specialists are trained to help you navigate the process. With over 25 years in the yachting industry, FYI’s Yacht Consultants provide their expertise to facilitate each and every transaction.


We first identify the right kind of yacht, then work tirelessly to locate and qualify those which meet or exceed a buyer’s criteria. Whether the yacht is located in Florida, somewhere else in the US or somewhere in the world, we make sure we identify all yachts that meet our buyer’s wish list. Once the desired yacht has been located, our team negotiates terms of purchase on a buyer’s behalf and oversees all necessary inspections and sea trial. When all is in order, Florida Yachts International will complete the transaction in-house. This includes all necessary paperwork, transfer of title, and registration.


So you’ve decided to purchase a yacht. This is one of the most important decisions you’ll make; that’s why you need our team of experienced and licensed Yacht Consultants to guide you through the buying process. We’ve put together a process guide for you so you’ll know what to expect when buying a yacht with FYI. Contact us today to get started!

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Buying Your Yacht


Identifying the right yacht

Once in contact with FYI we’ll identify the boat that is best suited for your needs. There are innumerable options available and we will find the yacht you’ve always been dreaming of no matter where you or the vessel may be.


Making an offer & sealing the deal together

Once you’ve found the right yacht it will be time to present an offer to your broker who will then prepare a sales agreement laying out the timing of the Survey, Sea Trial, Acceptance & Closing. With your offer, it is customary to deposit 10% of the offered purchase price into escrow. Your broker will now present the offer to the seller who will either accept, reject or make a counter offer.



Yachts are intricate sea going machines. Upon a fully accepted offer, your broker will assist you in scheduling the surveys, out of water inspection and sea trial. It is important to conduct a survey to determine the condition of the vessel and any potential work needed and also obtain the cost of repairs if needed.



After a Survey and Sea Trial it is now time to submit a written Acceptance of Vessel. The Acceptance could include any deficiencies that may be found and allows arrangements to be made pertaining to possible repairs to be completed by the seller as an agreement to move to closing.


Closing & Delivery

During the closing steps agents for the buyer & seller will exchange information to prepare and supply all required documents to close out the sale and transfer ownership. At FYI we have our own expert inhouse closing department that will expedite the closing process and guide you on your way to vessel ownership.