3 Destinations You Can Charter to From Miami

The Bahamas is undoubtedly the number one prime destination for yachting enthusiasts. Being the world’s most trendy destination to visit, you are guaranteed to be captivated by the beautiful blue, clear water surrounding the islands. When you reside in Miami, paradise is simply a boat ride away, and what better way to start a relaxing weekend getaway than planning your trip to The Bahamas! With over 700 extraordinarily breathtaking islands to choose from, here are the top 3 you should absolutely add to your next vacation checklist.

3 destinations you can charter to from miami

1. Bimini

Whether it be a romantic getaway for two or a business trip with your firm, Bimini is the destination for all occasions no matter who tags along; there is something special for everyone. From swimming with the sharks to enjoying a relaxing, luxurious dinner by the beach at sunset, when you visit Bimini, the options are endless! Two islands comprise Bimini, North & South, allowing you the opportunity to come back to a new adventure in the future. By being only 50 miles away from Miami, you could easily enjoy the sun in a few hours when you charter this spectacular destination!

Bimini yacht charter Destination
Exuma: Musha Cay yacht charter destination

2. Exuma: Musha Cay

If you are more interested in an exclusive, private island destination, Exuma is the place to be, Musha Cay, to be exact. The owner of Musha Cay, David Copperfield, has created one of the most secluded spots on earth and provided everything you would ever want, taking luxury living to a whole new level.

With the island only housing five charming tropical villas, you have the opportunity to enjoy a world of your own. Guests are provided with a private chef who creates globally known exquisite cuisines served to you on the beach lit by the moonlight. If you want to add a bit of adventure to your trip, Musha Cay offers you the opportunity of a “dining escape.” Exuma contains eleven islands, and because of that, guests have the luxury of visiting any of those islands within minutes, whether it be for a mile-long pink beach walk and dinner or a romantic hidden cove with your significant other; the choice is yours. Mr. Copperfield has also added luxurious guest entertainment to this secluded getaway, allowing guests to enjoy their night at the theater in the sand! So, if luxurious paradise is what you desire, Musha Cay is the perfect destination for you. An island exclusively yours, and the only other guests are those you invite.

3. Nassau: Paradise Island

Paradise Island is a destination for those who savor and crave the nightlife. The island provides the flashiest nightlife in The Bahamas, allowing its guests to be devoured by great bars, exclusive lounges, phenomenal dining, nightclubs, and casinos. Whether you want to enjoy your cocktail in a private, quiet spot or dance the night away, the choices are never-ending and always fit the occasion. Relax after dark at the Sea Glass Lounge, where you can be showered in luxurious service, or take a chance at the Atlantis Casino and put your chips on the table! Paradise Island provides an astonishing variety of experiences.

Walking on the wild side of The Bahamas starts here at Paradise Island, and you will most certainly enjoy every second of this unforgettable getaway.

Nassau yacht charter destination