Boats for Sale in Miami

Boats for Sale in Miami

Whether you want to buy or sell a boat, Miami is the center of the boating world. The Sunshine state has some of the most knowledgeable and experienced yacht dealers with worldwide connections in the industry. These yacht brokers offer the best quality boats that achieve lifelong memorable experiences on-the-water. At Florida Yacht International, we are the best boat dealers in Miami.

Boats for Sale in Miami

What To Look for When Buying a Used Boat?

Type of Boat

Understanding the reason for buying a boat helps boat brokers to determine the most suitable vessel for your needs and activities. If you intend to use the boat for cruising, sailing, or fishing, opt for a cruiser, sailboat, or fishing boat.

Below are some of the popular boat brands to consider buying from FYI in Miami:

Boat Size

Your boat size depends on the number of people or gear you intend to transport. Buy a boat that offers enough space to fit your loads and other amenities for a comfy ride.


The boat engine you choose determines your vessel’s performance on sea waters.

Below are the main types of motors to consider:

  • Outboard Motors. Best for small boats and makes them easier to control.
  • Inboard Motors. Suitable for larger boats (yachts) and allow for excellent weight distribution.
  • Jet Motors. They are the fastest and more eco-friendly.
  • Stern Drive Motors. Heaviest yet the most powerful engines.

Storage Space (Dock)

Look for a secure and convenient place to keep your boat after using it. If your boat is larger, you must find ways to transport it to the garage. Be ready to pay some fees to have your boat docked at a marina.

Used vs. New

Used boats for sale in Miami are often more affordable than new ones. They allow you to own a bigger yet excellent performing boat at a price you would pay for a small new boat. These vessels have lost r value due to depreciation.

What Is the Best Time To Buy a Boat?

There’s no specific time or season to buy a boat. For instance, buying a new or used boat during spring allows you to prepare for summer, the boating season. Buying during summer lets you enjoy the sea water right away.

Fall time is ideal for buying a boat if you want the best deals. It’s when most boat manufacturers unleash new models and offer discounts.

The Winter season is a period for boat shows. It allows you to explore popular boat models, prices, styles, and new features.

Boats for Sale in Miami

Where To Buy a Boat in Miami?

At Florida Yacht International, we are the best boat broker in Florida, offering a large selection of used and new boats for sale to suit different needs. Our expert yacht consultants have over 300 years of combined experience and are standing by to help you find a vessel that suits your desires. Call us today at 305-239-4978 to find out more ! We also welcome you to contact us online with any questions.