Regal Boats for Sale

Regal Boats for Sale

Overview of Regal Boats

Regal Boats’ reputation precedes them. They’re unique as one of the few family businesses in the marine industry and they’ve been extremely successful. They retain an edge on the competitive market with their luxurious designs and impeccable craftsmanship. They build each yacht with custom equipment and they employ world-class craftsmen.

Are Regal Boats Well-Made?

Regal boats are exceptionally well made yachts. Both JD Power and Associates, and the National Marine Manufacturers’ Association, rank them as number one for customer satisfaction. As the owners of a family-owned business, Regal Boats’ leaders care deeply about the quality of their products and take meticulous care for every aspect of the manufacturing process.

Regal Boats for Sale

Who Owns Regal Boats?

Regal boats has been a family owned company since the moment it was first established. It was founded in 1969 by spouses Paul and Carol Kuck. It’s now managed by their children Duane, Tim and Pam. While many other companies get sold off to large shipyards, Regal Boats has maintained their original ownership. Today, they’re one of the largest family-operated yacht manufacturing companies in the world. The family continues to pour themselves in the family business, and is involved in every aspect of the boats’ creations. 

Where Are Regal Boats Manufactured?

Regal Boats are manufactured in the USA. Their two factories are situated in Orlando, Florida and Valdosta, Georgia. They employ over 700 people and have 650,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space (which makes them well-equipped to build world-class vessels).

Regal Boats for Sale

How are Regal Boats Built

Regal yachts are built with great attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. The company produces fewer boats than many of their competitors (due to their commitment to meeting the highest standards in all aspects of production). They have an industry reputation for producing reliable and long-lasting vessels. 

How Many Different Boats are Manufactured at Regal Marine?

Regal have bowrider and open bow boats for sale. Their fleet caters to many types of customers with models between 24 and 42 feet. They have 6 lines: Surf, Yacht, Sterndrive Bowrider, Outboard Bowrider, SAV, and Express Cruiser.

Below is a list of some of their models:

Regal Yachts

  • 36 XO
  • 36 Grande Coupe
  • 38 Grande Coupe
  • 38 XO
  • 38 FXO
  • 38 FLY
  • 42 Fly
  • 42 FXO

Regal Surf Boats

  • LS2 Surf
  • LS4 Surf
  • LS6 Surf

Regal Sterndrive Bowriders

  • 2000 ES
  • LS2
  • LS4
  • LS6
  • 2800
  • 3300
  • LS36

Regal Outboard Bowriders

  • 21 OBX
  • LX2
  • LX4
  • LX6
  • 29 OBX
  • 33 OBX

Regal SAVs

  • 33 SAV
  • 38 SAV

Regal Express Cruisers

  • LS4C
  • 26 Express
  • 26 XO
  • 28 Express
  • 33 Express
  • 33 XO

Regal Boats Reviews

Regal Boats have a solid reputation in the business. They’re one of the leading family-owned boat producers in the marine industry worldwide. Regal Boats are one of the preferred options for those who appreciate the care, and attention to detail, typical for a family-owned business. They offer innovative solutions without compromising on quality and comfort.

Where to Buy Regal Boats?

If you’re looking to buy a beautiful, well-made yacht, Regal Boats may just be the right production company to suit your needs. As one of the leading Regal Boats dealers in Florida, Florida Yachts International has a worldwide inventory of both new and used Regal Boats for sale. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert yacht consultants will help you find the perfect boat for you. Call us today at 305-239-4978.


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