Carver Boats for Sale

Carver Boats for Sale

Carver Boats Overview

Carver boats boast a wide range of yachts for every taste. Although the business closed in 2021, Carver yachts continue to be a great choice of vessel. They offer a full range of boats, including deep vee, modified vee, and monohull among others. These boats are widely used in the country. Because of their wide range of models, they have a vessel to suit virtually any taste. Choose from day cruising or fishing trips to multi-day trips.

Carver yachts are a well-established brand that has created luxury cruising boats since the early 1950s. Over its long history, they’ve maintained a consistently high standard and commitment to innovation. Carver’s unwavering integrity and attention to detail can be seen in every model. Their boats make use of all spaces on the boat, and show high-quality craftsmanship. This builder’s reputation precedes them when it comes to spacious and dependable, state-of-the-art vessels.

Most Carver boat models have a moderate draft and a wide bream, which make them a popular choice. When you choose a Carver motor yacht, you can be sure that you’re going for a high-quality option.

Carver Yacht for Sale

Did Carver Yachts Go Out of Business?

Yes, the company went out of business in mid-2021. Despite that, there’s a booming market for used Carver boats as they continue to be highly sought after. 

Where Are Carver Boats Made?

Carver Boats was originally founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Georgia. These boats have always been in line with American tastes, which is why they’re a popular choice all over the country. Although the business closed in 2021, Carver yachts continue to be a great choice of vessel. 

Who Owns Carver Yachts?

At the time of their closing, Carver was owned by the Marquis-Larson boat group. They’ve gone through multiple owners in the past. 

Why Do Carver Boats Keep Their Value?

Carver boats have a reputation for being high-quality dependable yachts. Their models are known for being dependable and long-lasting. The fact that they’ve always been produced in the USA cuts down significantly on transportation costs. This enables Americans to purchase a world-class yacht at a reasonable price.

Carver Yacht Models Include:

  • 33 ft Carver yacht
  • Carver yachts c34 coupe
  • 36 ft Carver yacht
  • 40 ft Carver yacht
  • 42 ft Carver yacht
  • 45 ft Carver yacht
  • 50 ft Carver Cockpit Motor Yacht
  • 52 ft Carver Yacht
  • 56ft Carver Cockpit Motor Yacht 
  • 60 ft Carver Yacht
  • Carver 355 Motor Yacht
  • Carver 396 Motor Yacht
  • Carver 520 Voyager 
  • Carver 560 Voyager
Carver boats for Sale

Carver Yachts Reviews

Carver Yachts have a stellar reputation as beautiful, dependable yachts. Although the company has gone out of business, their vessels are still highly-regarded and keep their value. They’re known as spacious, dependable and beautiful boats that suit a wide range of customers.

Where to Buy Carver Yachts From:

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