VanDutch Boats for Sale

VanDutch Boats for Sale

Overview of VanDutch Yachts

VanDutch yachts boast a unique style that demonstrates their unwavering focus on the customer experience. They combine innovation and world-class performance with beautiful design. In particular, they’re known for their instantly recognizable hull lines and unique design. With their distinctive design and sporty profile, these yachts can make their owners feel like they belong to an exclusive club.

VanDutch yachts are notable in the industry for the way they combine advanced technology with modern design. Their axe-shaped bow, low windshields, and bold lines make them stand out. Their design is very distinctive, which explains how quickly they established themselves on the market. They’re built to high standards and offer incredible performance. Subjectively, many of their fans think these boats simply radiate ‘cool’. This ‘cool’ factor is responsible to a large extent for the popularity and loyal following the brand has.

VanDutch yachts for Sale

What Boats Do VanDutch Make?

VanDutch yachts have a speed between 33 to 38 knots. From the most compact 30ft model to the opulent VanDutch 75, these boats provide a lot of space for relaxation in the ocean. Similar to their unmistakable design on the outside, all models have a sleek and luxurious interior. They have a broad range of options that can satisfy any client. From those clients looking for a compact boat for casual day trips; to those who prefer a spacious vessel with multiple bedrooms for overnight stays. All boats are great for entertaining guests and have everything needed for an enjoyable stay.

Some outstanding Van Dutch yacht models include:

  • VanDutch 30 
  • VanDutch 32
  • VanDutch 40 
  • VanDutch 42
  • VanDutch 45
  • VanDutch 48
  • VanDutch 50
  • VanDutch 55 
  • VanDutch 56
  • VanDutch 75

Who Owns VanDutch Yachts?

Since 2020, the company has been owned by Cantiere del Pardo. This luxury shipyard also owns prestigious brands, such as Grand Soleil Yachts and Pardo Yachts. The company specializes in the development of motorboats in the luxury segment and has over 45 years of experience in building high-quality yachts.

Where are VanDutch Yachts Built?

VanDutch has situated its headquarters and main production site in Central Italy, and they have branches around Europe, and the USA. They’ve been doing their own production since 2018, which has allowed them to own and completely renovate their production processes. This way they’re able to never compromise on their innovative approach in both design and functionality. The shipyard is committed to designing and producing yachts that are more and more environmentally friendly (without compromising on the brand’s signature style).

VanDutch Boats for Sale

VanDutch Yachts Reviews

VanDutch is well-established within the luxury motorboat market. All models within the fleet boast impeccable design and state-of-the-art functionality. Their yachts have been described as being of the utmost quality. In particular, their attention to detail encompasses every detail on the boat. Every piece of the boat has been chosen deliberately, either for its functionality or style — and in most cases, both.

Where to Buy VanDutch Yachts?

Here at Florida Yachts International, we’re one of the leading boat dealers in Miami Florida. We have vast experience selling both new and used VanDutch Yachts. We’re always happy to make sure that each of our client finds the perfect for their needs. We’re confident that we can satisfy even the most discerning tastes.

If you’re looking for the best VanDutch boats for sale, don’t hesitate to call to speak with one of our expert yacht consultants today at 305-239-4978 or contact us online.  We have a full inventory of boats and yachts for sale worldwide.


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