Used Yachts for Sale

Used Yachts for Sale

Florida Yachts International is a team of experts in the luxury yachting industry. We have a fantastic range of used yachts for sale in Miami and are likely to have something that’s perfect for you. Our impressive range of used yachts for sale in Florida means there aren’t any better places to begin your adventures at sea. We have all types of used yachts for sale:

  • Used Motor Yachts for Sale
  • Used Cruiser Yachts for Sale
  • Used Small Yachts for Sale
  • Used Sailing Yachts for Sale
  • Used Mega Yachts for Sale

So, when you’re looking for the best used motor yachts for sale near you, look no further than Florida Yachts International. Our team boasts an incredible 300 years of combined experience in the luxury yacht industry and our dedicated yachting consultants can help you find the perfect used yacht for sale. As the top used yacht broker in Miami, we have an unparalleled access to the largest selection of vessels in the area.

Used Yachts for Sale
Used Yachts Miami

The Best Used Motor Yachts

We know that buying a used yacht is a huge commitment. There are many things that can go wrong without the help of a yacht broker and it’s really in your best interests to work with industry experts. Our team know exactly what to look out for when purchasing a used offshore fishing yacht and can help you to avoid any costly mistakes.

With a luxury yachting consultant on your side, you can get the best deal on the best vessel and dodge any future headaches that are associated with private purchasing. Depending on your circumstances, we may also be able to help with financing a used yacht.

Viking Yachts

Used Viking Yachts for Sale

Viking is a premier manufacturer of convertible yachts. We have a fantastic range of used Viking yachts for sale that can help you to get a top-quality yacht at prices that simply cannot be matched. With the help of Miami’s leading yacht broker, you can find the finest used Viking yachts for sale at prices that simply won’t be matched by our competitors.

Viking Yachts

Used Hatteras Yachts for Sale

Hatteras is a leader in convertible sport fishing yachts and is a trusted manufacturer of world-class yachting solutions. Our expert team can help match you to the perfect used Hatteras yacht for you and your family. Working with the leading Florida yacht brokerage firm will help you to get the best Hatteras yachts available right now.

Viking Yachts

Used Azimut Yachts for Sale

Azimut is also a leader in the world of luxury yachting and has been since they began manufacturing vessels back in 1969. The comfort and design of Azimut’s vessels have led to them becoming a top choice for people looking for the best used yachts. Azimut craft yachts come in a variety of body styles, so it’s likely that there’s something that suits your needs from this top manufacturer.

Our Top Used Yachts

We stock the best used yachts from virtually all leading manufacturers including Ferretti yachts, Wally yachts, Baglietto yachts, Princess yachts, and Sunreef yachts. In fact, there’s not many manufacturers that we don’t have something from for you to purchase.

We know that as there is so much variety in the used luxury yacht market that we need to have a broad range of vessels for our clients to browse. As the leading Miami luxury yacht broker, we manage to have a fantastic range of vessels that are great for all budgets and personal requirements.

Remember, if you’re in the market for a used yacht, the team at Florida Yachts International can help you find the best yacht out there. With over 300 combined years of luxury yachting experience, our consultants know exactly what it takes to put a smile on our clients’ faces.

When you are ready to make your move to find the best used yachts for sale, Florida Yachts International will be ready to assist. Call our team of expert yacht consultants in Miami today at 305-239-4978 or you may also contact us online.