Feadship Yachts for Sale

Feadship Yachts for Sale

Overview of Feadship Yachts

Although they may look very distinctive, every Feadship yacht on the market has something in common. They have an innate quality that you will only feel when on board. In other words, Feadship yachts for sale are the by-product of world-class artistry that has flowed through many generations.

Feadship yacht models and classes incorporate traditional values based on the unrivaled heritage from 1849. For about 170 years now, the Feadship mega yacht design prowess and artistry have placed Feadship at the top of the superyacht market.

The shipyard has a never-ending ambition for making bigger and better yachts. Today, they are recognized as the global leader in the custom superyacht industry.

Each new Feadship yacht is an innovation as the boat maker always strives to make something better than the last. The brand aims to redefine the view of perfection by crafting every new yacht using the best technology and construction methods.

To maximize comfort, Feadship incorporates state-of-the-art materials and technologies in its classic Feadship yachts. In addition, they bring the latest industry insights and modern design tools to their boat systems and construction processes.

Models listed on most Feadship yacht dealers in Miami vary in size and length. The smallest Feadship yacht is 39 feet long, whereas the largest Feadship yacht is 226 feet in length.

Feadship Yachts for Sale

Feadship yachts are famous for their varied classes that include:

  • Feadship Motor Yacht
  • Antique and Classic Yacht
  • Feadship Explorer Yacht
  • Feadship Mega Yacht
  • Feadship Expedition Yacht

Some of the most popular Feadship yacht models now listed include:

  • Feadship Eco-Explorer
  • Feadship Pure
  • Feadship Project 3249
  • Feadship Project 2024

Here are some of the Feadship yachts under construction as of today:

  • Feadship Superyacht Project 1010
  • Feadship Superyacht Project 823
  • Feadship Superyacht Project 822
  • Feadship Superyacht Project 821

Who Makes Feadship Yachts?

Feadship yachts are built by a shipyard with the same name. In full, Feadship means the First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders. It’s an association formed in 1949 by founders De Vries, De Voogt, and Van Lent. Generations of Feadship artisans have constructed and launched iconic new Feadship yachts, and the same tradition continues to spread to date.

Who Owns Feadship Yachts?

The Feadship Royal Dutch Shipyards is the owner of Feadship Yachts. It’s a cooperative venture between two shipyards Koninkilijke De Vries Scheepsbouw and Royal Van Lent Shipyard. The venture has two CEOs, Henk de Vries (De Vries) and Jan Bart Verkuyl (Van Lent)

Feadship Yachts for Sale

Where are Feadship Yachts Built?

Feadship has yacht-making facilities in three different regions in the Netherlands. These include: Makkum, Kaag, and Aalsmeer. The company also has an engineering center known as De Voogt Naval Architects in Haarlem, Netherlands.

How Much Are Feadship Yachts?

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Feadship Yacht Reviews

Feadship is always adventurous and ever innovative. They aim to set new standards in artistry, construction, design, and engineering for every Feadship classic yacht in their convoy. Whether new or used, classic Feadship yachts will always be exceptional in quality, performance, and design.

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