Purchasing a yacht is a big decision yet working with a yacht broker might ease this process.

They will work on your behalf and protect your interests throughout the whole process from the initial consult to the delivery of your vessel.

There are numerous advantages, but here are our top 6!

6 reasons why to use a yacht broker

Personalized Experienced

Finding a yacht broker of your own will give you a more personalized experience. He or she will listen and understand your wants and needs to determine what is BEST for you.

FYI’s yacht brokers are licensed professionals who will provide you an unbiased opinion, advise you if the vessel is in good condition, and if there are any better options on the market. Most importantly, they will be the liaison between you and the seller.

Industry Expertise

FYI has access to exclusive data that is not available to the public, such as market conditions, comparable recent sales, and the pros/cons of all makes and models. Yacht brokers will help you, the buyer, understand the yacht market, and educate you.

Marketing Expertise

If you are in the market to sell your yacht, FYI’s in-house marketing team will market and advertise your vessel on specific forums, numerous brokerage channels, FYI’s website, and its social media platforms.

Closing Protection

At FYI, our brokers work closely with our highly trained closing agents to all transactions are done legally. We’ll verify that you have all the required paperwork, ensure there are no existing liens, no outstanding marine mortgages, and ensure you are protected at all times.

Sea Trial & Survey

At FYI, your yacht broker will guide you through the process of scheduling, and booking your surveyors of choice, determine how to address any of the surveyor’s recommendations, negotiate on your behalf, and they also will assist you on recommending trusted professionals to carry out any service needed.

After-sale Service

FYI helps you connect with trusted individuals in the yachting industry such as mechanics, crew, maintenance, and dockage. We have deep connections built over time that help take the stress out of boat ownership. At FYI, we continue to help our clients with their yachting needs beyond closing. Let us make yachting easy for you.