Catamarans vs Sailboats

Most sailors are passionate about their vessels and often argue the whole day about whose boat is more efficient. Catamarans vs sailboats, ‘Which is superior?’, is a conversation that many people engage in fast, heated arguments about.

These two types of boats have differences that set them apart. The choice often depends on an individual’s preferences and the boat’s purpose. Below is some information which will help you to understand the difference between a catamaran and a sailboat.

Catamarans vs Sailboats

Differences Between Sailboats and Catamarans

Here’s how catamaran vs monohull differs from one another:

Shape/Number of Hulls

Sailing boats have one hull, hence commonly referred to as monohulls. These boats make contact with seawater only at one point – the bottom of the boat.

In contrast, catamarans are two-hulled boats designed for sailing. They are multihulls as they have two points of contact with the sea – the boat’s two parallel sides (lengthwise). The dual hulls mean that a smaller portion of the boat is underwater. Hence catamarans are great for sailing in shallow waters.


Catamarans have excellent stability thanks to their two parallel hulls that give them a stable framework. With such stability, catamarans won’t roll side by side when speeding or even capsize during strong waves. Passengers suffering from motion sickness will significantly benefit from these vessels’ stability.

Unlike multihulls, monohulls are less stable as their design implies less solidity. As a result, they are four times more likely to capsize than catamarans.


Catamarans are much safer than monohulls. They are more stable and have excellent buoyancy on seawater, meaning they can sail fast without swaying, even in bad weather. In addition, these boats have robust construction that contributes to their buoyancy and safety.

Sailboats aren’t as safe as catamarans. These boats are less stable due to their monohull designs and will most likely capsize during extreme sea conditions. During a capsize, however, passengers will access safety features such as:

  • Onboard safety gear
  • Floatation devices
  • Strobe lights
  •  Life rafts
  • Dinghy
  •  EPIRBS, and more

Efficacy and Quickness

When it comes to efficacy and speed, catamarans will outshine monohull sailboats. Catamarans are the fastest boat, meaning sailors will reach their destination quickly. They will also help sailors escape extreme weather conditions and even cruise at half the speed of wind blowing in their direction.

Sailboats give a delightful cruising experience due to their monohull designs. While they won’t contend with unpleasant weather conditions, they will sail at a moderate yet steady pace.


Comfort is another crucial distinguishing factor between seasickness catamaran vs. monohull. Catamarans have level and larger decks that are safe and easier to walk around. Their vast surface area is also stable and comfortable for passengers who experience seasickness. In addition, the dual-hull design enables sailors to avoid unanticipated pitching and rolling.

Sailboats can work in unison with the wind without much resistance, though they rock and pitch while moving on the water. As a result, passengers sailing on monohulls are more likely to experience seasickness than those who cruise on catamarans.

Buy the Best Catamaran or Sailboat Today

Although deciding between catamarans vs sailboat ultimately depends on one’s sailing desires, considering the factors above is essential. It’s clear why catamarans are the most popular choice. Still, remember that monohull sailboats have significant advantages.

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