Contender Boats for Sale

Contender Boats for Sale

Overview of Contender Boats

Based in Homestead, FL, Contender began its boat-building operations in 1984. The shipyard specializes in manufacturing fiberglass express fishing and center console boats using the most advanced, high-quality materials and components. Contender also prides itself on being traditional with its long boat-building history and philosophy.

For over two decades, Contender boats have been a trendy choice for many anglers. The brand has a phenomenal reputation for incomparable performance and ideal fishing-ability.

All Contender boats are renowned for being expertly crafted and designed fishing boats featuring clean interior layouts. They also have one-level decks that facilitate easy sailing from stern to bow. These boats are also built on the shipyard’s track-proven deep V 24.5 degree dead-rise.

contender boats for Sale

Each new Contender boat features Yamaha outboards for optimum performance and fuel economy. Contender boats also have integrated flush mount bow rails, raised transform live wells, and self-bailing cockpits.

Contender is famous for its:

These boats have wider beams, making them popular and suitable for saltwater fishing, day cruising, overnight cruising, and freshwater fishing. Contender boat models are also available, with sizes and lengths ranging from 22 to 44 feet (the biggest Contender boat).

Some of the best and most iconic Contender sport fishing boat models include:

  • Contender 24S
  • Contender 25T
  • Contender 28T
  • Contender 30ST
  • Contender 32ST
  • Contender 35ST
  • Contender 39ST
  • Contender 44ST
  • Contender 44CB
  • Contender 39FA
  • Contender 44FA

Florida Yachts International is one of the premier Contender boat dealers in Miami, offering a comprehensive list of new and used Contender boats for sale. Are you looking for a high-quality used fishing or center console boat? Contact us to find out more about our worldwide inventory of Contender listings. Our expert boat and yacht consultants will also help you find an outstanding Contender boat for sale. 

What Is a Contender Boat?

Contender boats are a type of sailboat designed for racing, recreation, and fishing. They typically consist of fiberglass and have a single mast. These boats are also lightweight and fast, making them popular for sailing competitions.

Who Makes Contender Boats?

Contender Boats is a manufacturer of recreational fishing boats. The company was founded in 1984 by a group of fishermen who were looking for a better boat to use for their sport. Contender Boats are now distributed in more than 65 countries.

Contender boats for sale in Miami

Who Owns Contender Power Boats?

Contender Power Boats is a U.S. family-owned company founded in 1984. Joe Neber is the president and owner of the company. The company is based in Riviera Beach, Florida.

Where are Contender Boats Built?

The manufacturing process of Contender Boats takes place in two facilities: one in Perrysburg, Ohio, and the recently purchased manufacturing facility in Fort Pierce, Florida. Fort Piece manufacturing plant covers 100,000 square feet, allowing the company to double its coveted boats’ output.

Why are Contender Boats So Expensive?

Contender boats are so expensive because their construction is of very high quality. The company also uses the latest in boat-building technology for powerful performance. In addition, the design and materials used on these boats are top-notch, making them incredibly durable and resilient to extreme sea conditions.

Why Buy a Contender Boat?

When it comes to fishing boats, the Contender line of boats is one of the aces in the business. These boats are ideal for serious anglers who demand quality, performance, and fishing ability.

Contender boats provide excellent stability and handling in rough water thanks to their deep-V hull and wide beams. There is a Contender boat for every fishing need with various options and configurations available.

Do Contender Boats Have Wood?

Contender Boats are built primarily with fiberglass, although they may have wood in their construction. The type of wood used in a contender boat varies, but it’s typically mahogany or cedar.

If you’re searching for a state-of-the-art fishing boat that will handle any condition, then a Contender is fantastic. Call Florida Yachts International today at 305-239-4978 to find out more about our new and used Contender boats for sale in Florida. You may also contact us online.


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