Prestige Yachts for Sale

Prestige Yachts for Sale

Overview of Prestige Yachts

Prestige Yachts is a global designer and major builder of Sport and Flybridge motor yachts. The brand is headquartered in Les Herbies, France, and was branded in 1989, but its history dates back to 1957. It all started when Henri Jeanneau shifted his interests from building automobiles and airplanes to powerboats.

The Prestige 41 was the first ever new Prestige Yacht the company introduced in 1989. Jeanneau powerboats and yachts had unique features and sleek designs that made the boats super attractive. These yachts were also easy to handle, making them extremely popular as the best in modern yacht styling.

Prestige Yachts for Sale

Jeanneau didn’t dwell on his past achievements in the yacht-making business. Instead, he utilized his design team and J&J Design to create the best yachts the market has ever seen to date. Italy’s best artisans, Musio Sale and Garroni, helped design the interiors and deck. Since then, Garroni has expertly designed all Prestige yachts interiors while focusing on timeless lines, largest spaces, and contemporary solutions.

Prestige made its greatest debut in the motor yacht market in 2010 by introducing the 60 ft Prestige. This new Prestige yacht was incredibly innovative and elegant. It was also the first European luxury yacht to operate on the Volvo IPS pod drive propulsion system. As of 2020, the shipyard has tremendously grown to become one of the leading luxury yacht manufacturers.

The success of the Prestige motor yachts is founded on three design concepts:

  • Salons boast 360-degree panoramic views
  • Living spaces are on one level
  • Every new Prestige yacht should have an independent owner’s suite

Most Prestige yachts for sale are available in lengths from 37 to 72 feet, and the brand is well-known for its:

  • Prestige Motor Yachts
  • Cruisers
  • Express Cruisers
  • Sports Cruiser

Here are some of the most popular Prestige Yacht models:

  • Prestige 46
  • 50 Prestige
  • Prestige 65
  • Prestige 420
  • Prestige 460
  • Prestige 500
  • Prestige 520
  • Prestige 550
  • Prestige 560
  • Prestige 590
  • Prestige 660
  • Prestige 680
  • Prestige 750

The newest Prestige Yacht options include:

  • Prestige M48
  • Prestige X60
  • Prestige X70
  • Prestige 420
  • Prestige 460
  • Prestige 520
  • Prestige 590
  • Prestige 690
  • Prestige 420S
  • Prestige 460S
  • Prestige 520S
  • Prestige 590S Sportfly

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Who Makes Prestige Yachts?

New Prestige yachts are built by Groupe Beneteau, a leading brand in the yachting industry. The company conducts its operations in France, U.S, Italy, and Poland, employing 8300 people.

Who Owns Prestige Yachts?

Prestige Yachts is a luxury motor yacht brand owned by Groupe Beneteau, a global leader in the boating industry. The French group is also among the top boat-building companies in the industry.

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Where Are Prestige Yachts Made?

New Prestige yachts are built at a facility in Les Herbiers, which is southeast of Nantes, France. The brand also operates in Italy, U.S, China, and Poland.

Where to Buy New and Used Prestige Yachts

FYI Yachts is among the top Prestige Yacht dealers in Miami with the most experienced consultants. Find out more about our new and used inventory of Prestige yachts for sale worldwide by calling 305-239-4978. .You may also contact us online.


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