Catamaran Yachts for Sale

Catamaran Yachts for Sale

Overview of Catamaran Yachts

Catamaran yachts are well-known as the world’s multi-hull luxury motor yachts with more living space than a mono-hull yacht of the same size. These yachts are stable, offer comfortable sailing, and have a wide variety of layouts and accommodations to suit different needs.

Every Catamaran yacht offers a spacious, open feel and comfy interiors (thanks to their dual-hull designs). As a result, the Catamaran crafts are perfect for individuals looking to sail the globe with family and friends. Owners will enjoy sailing on the open ocean waters as these yachts lay on the water like a raft for reduced heeling.

Catamaran Yachts for Sale

Catamaran yachts also boast supreme performance on the waters, thanks to their unique engines and propelling systems. Their exceptional style and elegance will keep people turning their heads as these yachts sail on the waters.

New Catamaran motor yachts are expertly crafted by highly experienced artisans using advanced technologies, high-quality materials, and construction techniques to make each yacht. You can be sure that your new catamaran yacht will provide years of reliable service.

The smallest Catamaran yacht for sale is 28 feet long, and the world’s largest Catamaran yacht is 105 feet long. Besides size, Catamaran yachts are available in varied classes and models.

Here are a few popular catamaran yachts classes:

  • Catamaran expedition yacht
  • Catamaran mega yacht
  • Catamaran motor yacht
  • Catamaran sport fishing yacht
  • Catamaran sailing yacht

Below are some of the Catamaran yacht models that make the brand stand out in the marketplace:

  • 35 foot aluminum Catamaran
  • 33 foot aluminum Catamaran
  • 40 foot Catamaran
  • Silent yachts 55 e Catamaran
  • 60 foot Catamaran

Some of the latest Catamaran yacht models:

  • HH44
  • HH50
  • HH55
  • HH60
  • HH66
  • HH77 / 88
  • Hudson Powercat 48
  • Hudson Powercat 52
  • OC44
  • OC50

Multi-hull enthusiasts will appreciate our wide selection of new and used catamarans for sale from leading yacht builders around the globe. Contact FYI Yachts today to find out more about these world-class multi-hulls.

Who Makes Catamaran Yachts?

New Catamaran yachts are built by Hudson Yacht Group using modern designs, concepts, technologies, and styles. The shipyard also leverages the expertise of state world-class artisans and designers to deliver yachts of superb quality.

Who Owns Catamaran Yachts?

Hudson Yacht Group owns Catamaran Yachts. The company has a passion for yachting and delivers a full spectrum of sea sailing vessels. You’ll find an excellent yacht, from a Catamaran sailboat to luxury sailing Catamaran yachts. Luxury power Catamaran yachts can be suitable if you’re looking for a memorable world of cruising.

Yachts for Sale in USA

Where Are Catamaran Yachts Built?

Catamaran luxury yachts are built in a shipyard in Xiamen, China. The yard is owned by Hudson Yacht Group and boasts a team of international designers, veteran boat builders, and project managers.

Where to Buy New and Used Catamaran Yachts

Florida Yachts International is among the premier Catamaran yacht dealers in Miami, offering the best yacht selections. Browse our world-wide selection of new and used catamaran yachts for sale. Contact one of our expert yacht consultants to find out more.

Catamaran Yacht Reviews

The Austronesian people introduced catamaran yachts and today exist as multi-hulled sailing vessels with two equal-sized and parallel hulls. These yachts also have wide beams for utmost stability while sailing. In addition, the best Catamaran motor yachts often feature reduced hull volume, shallower draft, and smaller displacement, making them incredibly spacious and powerful.

If you’re searching for a catamaran, we invite you to find out more about our inventory used and new Catamaran yachts for sale. Our knowledgeable yacht consultants in Miami are always happy to help narrow down your search and find the perfect power catamaran yacht. Call us today at 305-239-4978 or simply contact us online.


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