Marquis Yachts for Sale

Marquis Yachts for Sale

Overview of Marquis Yachts

Marquis Yachts has been known for manufacturing unbelievably beautiful yachts since the mid-1900s. It’s among the top yacht shipyards in the United States and boasts exquisite artistry that has been perfected for generations, making them unique from other yacht brands.

Marquis yachts are renowned for their striking designs that make them perfect for luxury cruising. These yachts also have highly efficient propulsion systems for excellent maneuverability that’s often found in smaller yachts.

Marquis Yachts for Sale

New Marquis Yachts

The incredibly high quality of a Marquis yacht says a lot about the brand’s production process. Marquis comprises state-of-the-art architects who leverage their vast experience and the latest technologies to craft remarkable vessels.

Marquis uses vertical integration to control every aspect of yacht construction, meaning that they have everything required in the boat-making process. This type of integration makes Marquis among the most exclusive luxury motor yachting companies.

The yachts vary in size from 50 feet to over 70 feet  in length and offer a fantastic combination of style, performance, and features for a superb yachting experience. Marquis has the perfect yacht for you regardless of your needs or desires.

Marquis yachts are available in a varied range of models, meaning you can be sure to find a ship that exceeds your expectations in terms of quality, performance, and luxury.

Here are some of the notable Marquis yacht models on the market:

  • Marquis yacht 42
  • Marquis 60
  • Marquis 63
  • Marquis 630 sport yacht
  • Marquis 65 motor yacht
  • Marquis 50
  • Marquis 650
  • Marquis 660
  • Marquis 690
  • Marquis yacht 720 Flybridge

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Who Builds Marquis Yachts?

Marquis yachts are built by Marquis Yachts, LLC. The company works with famous architects in the Nuvolari & Lenard design studio.

Who Owns Marquis Yachts?

Carver Marquis yachts are owned by two billionaires, John Paul De Joria and Irwin Jacobs. After achieving everything they ever wanted, these businessmen decided to venture into ship building.

Where Are Marquis Yachts Built?

New Marquis yachts are built in a state-of-the-art yacht-making facility in Pulaski, Wisconsin, in the U.S. All new Marquis yachts are hand-built by a talented team that supervises each production stage to ensure the yachts built have exceptional quality, performance, and elegance.

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Where Are Marquis Yachts Sold?

Different Marquis yacht models are currently offered for sale by many brokers, brokerages, and dealers in the following countries, but can be sold anywhere in the world:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Costa Rica
  • Turkey
  • Cyprus

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Marquis Yachts Reviews

Marquis Yachts is highly recognized in the world yachting industry because of its unique combination of supreme American yacht manufacturing and construction with the powerful Italian yacht design. The yachts generally boast a deeper-depth draft and far-reaching beam, making the Marquis yachts popular and excellent for overnight cruising.

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