Pursuit Boats for Sale

Pursuit Boats for Sale

Overview of Pursuit Boats

Pursuit Boat brand is the leading manufacturer of center console boats in the marine industry. The shipyard has masterfully created a famous following because of its reliable, time-tested hulls and propulsion systems integrated into all Pursuit boats. These qualities have kept Pursuit as one of the most renowned boating brands in the U.S.

Since its inception, Pursuit has constantly strived to excel in boat fabrication, engineering, and hull design, allowing it to stay above board in its industry for decades. The company has also received the Boating Magazines Best of Class Awards for several of its models, making it more famous.

Pursuit boats for sale

Expect to find each new Pursuit boat expertly designed with yacht-quality amenities, finish, superior engineering, and high-performance features. These features will make your fishing and cruising experience memorable. They’re also engineered with high-quality materials, components, and standards to withstand the toughest offshore boating conditions.

Pursuit provides several boat lines that include:

  • Pursuit Center Console Boats
  • Pursuit Dual Console Boats
  • Pursuit Offshore Boats
  • Pursuit Sport Coupe Boats
  • Pursuit Sport Boats

The smallest Pursuit boat is 24 feet long, whereas the biggest Pursuit boat is 50 feet long. You can also choose from the most iconic Pursuit boat models, such as:

  • Pursuit C 328
  • Pursuit DC 246
  • Pursuit DC 266
  • Pursuit DC 295
  • pursuit DC 326
  • Pursuit DC 365
  • Pursuit OS 325
  • Pursuit OS 355
  • Pursuit OS 385
  • Pursuit OS 445
  • Pursuit S 268
  • Pursuit S 288
  • Pursuit S 328
  • Pursuit S 358
  • Pursuit S 378
  • Pursuit S 428

If you’re searching for a remarkable Pursuit boat for sale, we invite you to contact Florida Yachts International, one of the top Pursuit boat dealers in Miami. We provide a vast collection of new and used Pursuit boats for sale in Florida to find the perfect one for your needs. Contact our experts or browse our Pursuit boats inventory to find out more.

Who Makes Pursuit Boats?

The Pursuit Boats Company makes pursuit boats. They are headquartered in Fort Pierce, Florida, and known for their powerful center console, offshore, sport, and sport coupe boats.

Who Owns Pursuit Boats?

Malibu Boats is the current owner of Pursuit Boats. The Tennessee-based company acquired Pursuit Boats (a Fort-Pierce-based company) in 2021 for $150 million.

pursuit boats for sale in Miami

Where are Pursuit Boats Manufactured?

Pursuit Boats are manufactured in a facility based in Fort Pierce, Florida. The factory boasts the highest level of artistry and brilliant control of boat quality and dedicates itself to giving customers a source of pride.

Do Pursuit Boats Have Wood?

Most pursuit boats have fiberglass construction, although wood is still used in some boats. Fiberglass offers several advantages over wood, including greater strength and durability, less susceptibility to moisture and rot, and easier repair.

At Florida Yachts International, we are proud to offer a wide variety of new and used Pursuit Boats for sale. If you need a reliable and luxurious center console boat, browse our worldwide inventory of boats today to find out more! If you have questions, call and speak to one of our expert yacht consultants at 305-239-4978 or simply contact us online.


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