Introducing FYI Yacht Charter Expert Gala Tressler

yacht charter expert Gala Tressler
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Raised in Guam, Tressler was always on the water one way or another. With experiences in the fine jewelry and retail business development industry, Gala crafts luxurious experiences for clients in Miami and the Caribbean aboard some of Miami’s most sought-after yachts.

We sat down and spoke to Tressler to get an industry expert’s perspective on yacht chartering:

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Haute Living: What is the best place to charter a yacht for the day?

Gala Tressler: From a day charter perspective, Miami is hands down the best destination in the US. With exciting sites and the largest inventory available you can choose from cruising Millionaire’s Row & Star Island, lounging at Nixon Sandbar in Key Biscayne, exploring the historic Stiltsville or enjoy dinner & drinks at one of the Miami River’s many trendy spots. Clients come from around the world for that unique Miami experience.

Miami yacht charters
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HL: How about term charters?

GT: For a weeklong charter, I love the Bahamas; Bimini has the SS Sapona, which is one of my favorite places to snorkel. Or, do island hopping in the Exumas in some of the most pristine waters in the world where you can relax, swim and feed sharks and even pigs. Endless adventures are available on or off the grid.

HL: What size yacht should someone charter?

GT: Yachts are never about size; they are about experiences, and each yacht will provide a different one. Sometimes you will want to be closer to the water and relaxed, sometimes you will want to look over the horizon; it really all depends on what kind of experience you are looking to have.

yacht charters Miami
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HL: When is the best time of year to charter?

GT: Our northern clients love the Winter and Springtime to get out of the cold as the country experiences all four seasons. But in Miami, chartering is a year-long occurrence.

HL: How does one choose the yacht from a fleet like FYI’s?

GT: Each yacht caters to different, but equally, fun experiences. It is the role of a good charter specialist to listen to your needs, and direct you toward the yacht that suits you best. It’s all about understanding and building relationships with your clients so you can provide them with memorable experiences.

how to charter a yacht in Miami
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HL: Finally, what do you do on a yacht charter?

GT: When I charter in Miami, I gather some of my friends, take a sunset cruise, have dinner at Seaspice and then head down the river while we watch the lights of downtown Brickell pass us by.

If you are interested in creating your own memories aboard one of FYI’s yacht fleet, call or email their charter specialists at 305-306-8462 or

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