The Top 3 Fishing Destinations in Miami

Miami is the heart of all luxuries, and fishing is at the top of the list. With diverse ecosystems and mangroves, deep ocean species fill the warm, fast-moving water. Depending on the fishing experience you want, Miami provides you with endless options! From deep-sea fishing to flat-fishing, your fishing opportunities are endless. Whether you are a serious fisherman or want to test the waters for the first time, Miami is the homerun location to start your fishing journey.


Miami’s Best Fishing Destinations:

3 Fishing Destinations in miami


If you happen to be unfamiliar with fishing in South Florida, throwing your line out into the crystal blue water will always be a game of “what will I catch today!” You are more than likely to catch fish you could proudly serve at the dinner table or mount up on your wall at home. This is because Miami is known for its variety and large fish species! Groupers, Tarpon, Swordfish, and Sailfish are only a few species you can catch in Miami. The Goliath Grouper is the most popular fish that attracts travelers from around the US. Weighing over 200 pounds, this fish has anglers packing heavy tackle and chartering boats all year round! The tarpon is your best choice if you wish to stick to shallow waters and want a good fight! Biscayne Bay is where these fish tend to hide away during the summer months. If you travel a few miles more to the deep sea, you open yourself up to a new challenge. Sailfishing is the jackpot of Miami, bringing in thousands of unique visitors to take on a challenge like no other. Sailfish is one of the fastest fish Miami has in store for you. Locals will happily share that kite fishing is a phenomenal way of catching these incredible creatures. This experience is like no other; when fishing for sailfish, expect to be on your feet and keep your eyes out on the water. The top fishing spots in Miami are Biscayne Bay, Bache Shoal Reef, and Liberty Ship. Take your chances in Miami the next time you cast your line, and good luck!

fishing destinations in Miami

Florida Keys

Just 15 miles south of Miami, you can find yourself in the Coral Islands of the Florida Keys, experiencing some of the best fishing in the world. Every type of saltwater creature you could think of takes over the waters below. With the hot sun warming your skin, the water is calling your name to catch what it has to offer. No matter where you end up casting your line, you will be guaranteed to feel a bite with the unbelievably large variety and the number of species. All you have to do is reel your catch in! Just like any destination, the Florida Keys takes pride in its bonefish. With the fight it puts up, catching this creature is a reward. Tarpon, Snapper, and Grouper are highly popular fish to catch as well. Another favorite of the keys is Mahi Mahi! This fish is incredibly photogenic, and the colors will have you in awe! If you head offshore in any direction of your choice, you’ll stumble across Mahi Mahi almost anywhere. Whether it be party boat fishing, kayak fishing, or shore fishing, your best possibility is to take out your boat and go deep-sea fishing to catch the big boys! With over 800 islands making up the Florida Keys, it’s not an easy choice to choose where to cast your line. But no matter where you decide to fish, just know you’re guaranteed to never leave empty handed. From Key Largo to Marathon, the options are endless. Depending on your ambition and the time on your hand, you could end up with a prize fish like no other out in the Keys!

Bahamas: Bimini

If you find yourself 50 miles east of Miami, you’ll end up in Bimini. Being the closest Bahamian island to South Florida, this island has a phenomenal history of sports fishing. Bottom fishing is quite popular in Bimini as well with yellowtail snappers, mutton snappers, groupers, and more; you have the chance of catching whatever it is you wish. You can catch billfish all year, Wahoo in the winter, and of course, mahi in the summer. However, if you are interested in catching the star of Bimini, you can take your chances at catching yourself a bluefin tuna. This sportfish has been internationally spotlit. Spawning during late spring and early summer, this tuna stops by Bimini seasonally, and if you are lucky enough, you can see thousands of bluefins tailing through the water. During the full moon in winter, Wahoo is an amazing time to catch. Anglers can be seen across the Gulf Stream hunting down these predators. Local South Floridians share that it’s best to target Bahamian Wahoo with high-speed trolling and using 2-4 electric rods. If you manage to time it right, you can hook yourself to a toothy predator of your own. So, if you’re looking for relaxed island living and record-sized fish, Bimini is the place to be. From fly fishing to big game fishing, bonefish, and billfish, Bimini is an island covered in blue water and creatures ranging in incredible sizes. A must for your next relaxed fishing trip!

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