How to Get a Free Yacht

Have you been thinking about starting a yacht charter business, or wondering about how to get into yachting? At Florida Yachts International, we help clients to buy and sell new and used yachts, whether they are seasoned yachters or just getting started. Our team offers knowledge and experience to help you find the perfect yacht.

how to get a free yacht

How Do You Find a FREE Yacht for Sale?

Search Online Marketplaces

Online yacht marketplaces often display adverts for free yachts that are older and need a lot of work. If a free older yacht is what you are searching for, simply visit an online yacht marketplace platform and search the terms “old yachts for free” or “free yachts for sale.” However, you will need to make a significant investment to get an old yacht in good working condition. 

You should avoid old yachts with severe defects. An example is a yacht without a working engine. Most free yachts are project boats. They are typically not in good condition but function appropriately after repair. Yacht engines are expensive, and repairing them costs close to buying a small yacht. Instead of taking on a free old boat with a dysfunctional engine, choose to go ahead and buy a small, but newer yacht, in perfect working condition

The average price to buy a newer small yacht (up to 40-foot) is on average around $300,000. But if you are in search of more of an investment opportunity with a more expensive yacht, FYI has something much more advantageous.

Rent Out Your Yacht

At FYI Charters, we offer a yacht charter management program that puts your yacht to work when you aren’t using it for your own enjoyment. With a full inventory of new and used yachts from all over the world, FYI has access to yachts of all makes and models. When a yacht owner chooses to take part in our Smart Yacht Management Solution program, he offsets some of the costs of ownership allowing the means for a better vessel. And we guarantee to showcase your yacht to the widest array of customers.

Can You Make Money Chartering a Yacht?

Buying a yacht and using it for a charter business offsets the costs. To get you started, our team of expert yacht consultants will guide you through the process of finding a yacht to buy.

Operating a yacht charter business isn’t for everyone. Having an expert yacht professional firm to manage your yacht for charter (along with a wide collection of luxury yachts for charter) will help maximize your investment returns. It also allows you more time to focus on what you do best. 

At FYI, our yacht charter marketing team targets potential customers who are searching online with some of the best campaigns and key phrases. We charter boats to some of the most sought out vacation destinations. Because of this, we reach a wide range of clients who consistently return again and again. FYI Charters’ clients also come back repeatedly because of our highly professional captains and crews.

how to get a free yacht

Is Owning a Yacht Worth It?

Before buying or (accepting for free) any type of yacht, be sure to enquire with an experienced yacht consultant to obtain the best advice on what to look out for in a boat. Experts in the yachting industry will understand the qualities of a suitable yacht based on your needs.

Our experts at Florida Yachts International have over 300 years of combined experience in the yachting industry and understand the qualities of different yacht brands. Depending on your preferences and needs, we will help you to decide on a new or used yacht brand.

Selling Your Yacht

Here is another way to get money for your boat. When you are ready to sell your existing yacht and start shopping for a newer model, the best thing to do is to turn to a licensed and experienced yacht broker. At Florida Yachts International in Miami, we have a vast collection of new and used yachts for sale from all over the world. We always have a funnel of qualified prospects ready to buy at a reasonable price. Our expert consultants will get you the best return on investment possible for your used yacht.

Get Started with a Yacht Charter Investment Today!

Contact Florida Yachts International today to speak to a professional with extensive experience in the yachting industry about using your existing yacht or buying a new yacht for charter. Call 305-239-4978 today to find out more about how to get a free yacht or how to use your yacht for charter to reduce costs.