crypto to buy a yacht

FYI Goes Crypto

Faster Transactions. Fewer Fees. Buy Internationally—the world of cryptocurrency. Purchasing luxury superyachts with bitcoin is not frequently used in the yachting industry due to brokers not providing that luxury for their clients, making Florida Yachts International (aka: FYI) one step ahead of the game. By offering its clientele the option to make transactions using cryptocurrency, FYI continues to build itself towards the future. The helps to ensure its clients that they too will only grow closer to the modern, new-age world of yachting and bitcoin if they choose to stand with FYI. Being so remarkably simple, clean, and quick, using crypto to buy yachts opens a whole new community of potential buyers, increasing the visibility of your superyacht worldwide. Here at Florida Yachts International, we aim to make purchasing and selling your luxury superyacht globally as smooth and secure as possible, and bitcoin makes that achievable. Fortunately, if you as a client are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, Florida Yachts International can confidently guide you through the entire process.

FYI accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies during purchase, only proving the options are endless here at Florida Yachts International. With the rise of cryptocurrency usage, there is no surprise that soon, our wallets will be completely digital, and the world will be our market selling houses, cars, and most importantly, superyachts! Bitcoin is real and here to stay, allowing you to make cash-like purchases digitally and avoid third parties interrupting transactions. Most importantly, all transactions are protected and anonymous with no personal information associated with the purchase, preventing identity theft. FYI is here to make purchasing and selling your luxury superyacht through cryptocurrency as safe and easy as possible. After all, crypto is the future!