How to Buy Your Yacht Using Cryptocurrency

First-time yacht purchases using Cryptocurrency may be nerve-wracking; however, here at Florida Yachts International, we have made it our objective to help make the process straightforward for you. With the proper steps, you could be on your way to purchasing your first luxury superyacht with bitcoin in no time

how to buy your yacht using cryptocurrency

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a form of unmonitored digital currency not overseen by banks and the government. Instead, Cryptocurrency is a peer-to-peer software commonly between two parties. A public ledger keeps all records of bitcoin transactions stored on servers around the world. Anyone can create a server; if you know what you are doing and have computer access, you can create a node. (Node is another word for server in the crypto community). Transactions made are broadcasted and globally posted on numerous nodes, continuing to keep your identity anonymous. The transactions are then, every 10 minutes, gathered by “miners,” stored into blocks (groups), and permanently added to blockchains. Your digital currency is kept away the same as using a traditional wallet (the only difference being that your wallet is now digital). You can access your digital wallet through client software or online hardware tools.

Converting your Bitcoin to cash is as simple as any asset. Bitcoin is a digital coin, and the ownership of that coin continuously changes throughout each transaction. There is an agreement between networks about that ownership. Using a “private key,” you can prove your ownership over your funds when making a transaction. This key allows you to access your funds efficiently and spend your virtual money with the tap of a finger known as a “brain wallet.” Cryptocurrency exchanges online will enable you to do this, but realistically, transactions can be done over any communication platform and in person. The possibilities with Cryptocurrency are incredibly endless.

Cryptocurrency at FYI

At Florida Yachts International, we have a multi-asset wallet that accepts any form of Cryptocurrency. Once we receive your payment, we place that fund on a stable coin and exchange it for fiat currency. This system allows FYI to receive any exchangeable cryptocurrency on the market! From SHIBA to Bitcoin, the choices are never-ending.

Purchasing your Yacht with Bitcoin

The first step in purchasing a yacht with Bitcoin is finding your perfect match! Once you have found your boat, you will work with one of our expert yachting consultants. An invoice will be sent to you, to which you will open your crypto wallet and scan the invoice. Your coins will then be transferred once you’ve confirmand the transaction.

Of course, Florida Yachts International will help you every step of the way once you decide to purchase your super luxury yacht through Cryptocurrency!