Mexican Yacht Report

The Mexican boating industry is growing at a rapid pace and more people are becoming interested in boating. According to the Mexican Association of Boat Manufacturers, there are about 600 boat producers in Mexico. The country is also home to some of the world’s most luxurious yachts.

Mexico has ranked as one of the top 10 countries with some of the most yachts in all of Latin America. The country has a rich history and tradition when it comes to recreational boats and water sports.

Mexican yacht report

How Is the Boating Industry Doing in Mexico?

The Mexican yacht building industry is a booming sector. The Mexican government is doing everything to promote the industry, which has increased in sales during the last few years.

Mexico has over 160,000 active boat owners. The number grew by over 10,000 since 2015. There are more than 1,000 Mexico yacht rentals, including those that specialize in sailing. The large number of vacation homes on the peninsula and in Cabo that fill up during the high season contributes to a high number of Mexico’s yacht sales.

Are Yachts a Good Investment?

To determine if a boat or yacht is a good investment, rethink why you want to own one. Yachts are wonderful investments that you can make for your family, lifestyle, happiness, and to create memories for years to come.

Owning a yacht opens up new horizons. You can take your family on adventures they have only dreamed of which consequently relieves stress. A yacht can become your family’s new haven. Finding the right type of yacht for your budget is easy when you work with a professional Mexican yacht broker. You can count on the yacht experts at Florida Yachts International.

How Has COVID Affected the Yacht Industry

Mexico has seen an increase in demand for yachts and boat ownership. The increase in demand is caused by several factors. One of them is the rise in tourism, which has brought many people to enjoy the country’s beautiful beaches and resorts.

Another factor is the Mexican government’s introduction of the COVID program, which provides incentives to those who purchase and register their boats in Mexico. The COVID program was introduced by the government to improve Mexico’s economy by encouraging more purchases of boats and yachts domestically instead of abroad.

The program provides tax exemptions, import duty exemptions, reductions on taxes on fuel consumption, and reductions on import duties for certain materials used to construct vessels. The used boat market in 2021 increased from 15% to 21%, and the 2022 boating industry forecast is expected to reach 26%.

Recreational Boating Industry Statistics

The Mexican yacht sales report shows that yachting is a $50 billion industry, generating over one million jobs. It grows at about 5% per year and contributes $39 billion to the nation’s GDP each year. Measured by the number of boats and their sales, the Mexican recreational boating industry is the second-largest in North America, accounting for approximately 10% of boat sales in the United States.

The Mexican Boating Industry is one of the most important manufacturing industries in the country. It is an industry that creates jobs, generates economic activity, and contributes to Mexico’s GDP. New boat manufacturers in Mexico have arisen to meet the demand for boats and yachts.

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