Ricardo Llorente was born in Miami, Florida, and raised at sea. His mother and father introduced him to the water at an incredibly young age, and he quickly realized he shared his passion for the ocean the way his parents did.

His devotion to the water stems deep. With the opportunity to grow up on the boat most of his childhood, he spent a majority of his time playing baseball, golfing, fishing and boating. He continued golfing and, most importantly, boating into his adult years. To this day, Ricardo is seen on the boat almost every day.

After graduating from MDCC, Ricardo found himself at Florida Yachts International selling his first boat, a 51′ Rivera. Being born into the boating lifestyle, it was no surprise that Ricardo’s career would be surrounded by it; however, when asked what he would be doing if he were not a broker here at FYI, Ricardo explained that he would continue being a Sports Agent. He made it clear he had been a part of that profession in the past yet being around boats is the career he is most passionate about.

Favorite Boat?

“One of my favorite boats has to be a Cigarette 38′ Top Gun.”

Favorite Music to Listen to on the Boat?

“When I am out on the boat, I enjoy listening to Spanish Rock.”

Where is your Favorite Destination to Boat to?

“My favorite location to visit when on the boat is the Bahamas.”

What is your most Memorable Moment on Board?

“My most memorable moments on the boat are when I win fishing tournaments. Specifically, in 1986, on August 1st. I was 11 years old and won a fishing tournament, catching a 405-pound blue marlin. I remember this day as if it happened yesterday.”

What is your most Memorable Moment at FYI?

“A memorable moment at FYI would have to be our boat shows, interacting with clients. At FYI, we are family.”

Any Tips for Future Brokers?

“Go beyond with your clients; create a family bond between them.”