Miami-born Kevin Merida has a true passion for the sea. At the age of 7, Kevin knew where his heart belonged. Being on boats for most of his life made that realization relatively easy. “I remember as a young child, one of my favorite things to do was to guess the make, models, and size of boats from a distance while out at sea.” Aside from playing “Guess That Boat” growing up, Kevin also enjoyed fishing and golfing, hobbies he carried into his adult life. “My hobbies haven’t changed in 20+ years. I golf occasionally on weekends; however, my heart is in the water.” Kevin explains. He finds himself out on the boats a few times a week.

After attending Santa Fe College for two years, Kevin moved back to Miami to begin his career with Florida Yachts International Summer of 2020, soon after graduating from Florida International University. When asked what he would do if he were not a broker, Kevin made it clear that he would be in another sales job working towards purchasing his dream boat, spending time off creating memories at sea with his family and friends.

When asked what had gotten him interested in the boating industry, Kevin said, “From a very young age, boats have been a part of who I am; working in the industry in any capacity was always a dream of mine. In college, I studied construction and knew it was not where I was meant to be. When given the opportunity to work for Florida Yachts International, I jumped in with both feet and thought, “it’s time to live the dream.” And that dream was lived, excitedly selling his first boat, a 2012 Scout 210.

Favorite Boat?

“Yes, now my favorite boat must be the 41′ Regulator. Between its hardcore fishing capabilities, overnight cabin, and an overall killer finish, it currently sits in the #1 Spot on my list.”

Favorite Music to Listen to on the Boat?

“Country Music, nothing compares to country music on the boat.

Where is your Favorite Destination to Boat to?

“My favorite destination while out on a boat must be the Bahamas. Nothing compares to the water, fish, and, most of all, the people of the Bahamas. Time truly passes differently over there.”

What is your most Memorable Moment on Board?

“The most memorable moment on board was fishing tournaments as a child with my dad and uncles, hooking up to a white marlin at the age of 9. I’ll never forget the excitement I felt at that young age and the joy of being able to share it with family

What is your most Memorable Moment at FYI?

“The most memorable moment at FYI has to be the first time I heard a client say, “Thank you, Kevin, for helping us find our dream boat.” Nothing brings you more joy on the job than making a client happy

Any Tips for Future Brokers?

“This is an amazing industry that rewards those who have a true passion for the job and put in the work. So… PUT IN THE WORK!”