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Hugo Gonzalez



Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Hugo Gonzalez-Kakouris grew up in Coral Gables and attended The University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

He enjoyed playing sports, boating, and fishing as a child. To this day, Hugo can be found on the boat, golfing or fishing, carrying on his hobbies from youth into adulthood.

Hugo explained what had gotten him interested in the boating industry: “I grew up with a boat, learned how to operate at a young age, and became a licensed captain after college. From there, I started a management company and moved into sales. If I weren’t a broker, I would still be managing boats or captaining boats.” From the age of 13, Hugo would purchase every boating magazine he would come across; he truly loved boats.

Joining the Florida Yachts international team in September 2020, Hugo sold his first boat, a 32′ Intrepid.

Favorite Boat?

“My favorite boat is a hard choice. However, my favorite style would be a custom Carolina Express or Sport Fish.”

Favorite Music to Listen to on the Boat?

“Favorite boat music is country or classic rock.”

Where is your Favorite Destination to Boat to?

“My favorite destination on a boat is the Bahamas.”

What is your most Memorable Moment at FYI?

“My most memorable moment at FYI was when I sold my first million+ dollar boat.”

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