OKEAN Yachts for Sale at FYI YachtsThe signature OKEAN design, crafted by renowned Italian Yacht Designer Paolo Ferragni, boldly mixes passion and professionalism to create unique lines of yachts. Years of experience in development and construction in European shipyards from the fundamental roots of the design approach. The awards speak for themselves; the OKEAN 80, for example, won the Newcomer of the Year 2020 award at the World Yacht Awards in Cannes. Experiencing the navigability and exclusivity of an OKEAN is truly unique. The boats are light, resistant, and economical due to the use of raw materials such as carbon fiber and polyaramid (Kevlar). Built by the infusion process in all parts, an OKEAN guarantees performance with safety and excellent navigation. The team of designers, engineers, and experts in carpentry and upholstery guarantees the comfort of the guests. Tireless in care, quality, and attention to detail, the team constantly raises the bar, offering a more personalized and rewarding experience with each delivery. An OKEAN is much more than a yacht; it is an extraordinary experience!

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