Crewing Your Yacht

Purchasing your super luxury yacht is only the first step of your exciting yachting journey; once you have completed that, it is time to plan out hiring the proper crew to run your superyacht pristinely.

Having a crew that understands the needs of your yacht is essential. Operating the vessel has components that are needed to perfect its leisure aspect and the operation and technical elements necessary when your vessel is out at sea.

It is critical you take the time to choose your engineer and engine maintenance crew. Having knowledgeable crew members who can tend to and handle situations that are complicated and urgent is essential. This ensures that you are not only safe, but the rest of your crew is also safe.

Crewing Your Yacht
Crewing Your Yacht

Safety should be the number one priority when running a vessel. Therefore, it is highly crucial to have a crew on board that is experienced.

The number of your crew depends on the size of your vessel. At least boat owners commonly have around 8 members apart of their crew. 100-foot yachts usually have a crew ranging from 10-16; however, a boat of this size should ideally have a crew of 20 on the vessel. The higher catering you would like on your yacht, the more members you tend to hire.

As a new yacht owner, it is essential to know what role your crew members play when it comes to your luxury vessel.

Here is a list of the perfect crew for your vessel:

Four Departments Make Up the Perfect Crew.

1. Deck Crew

The deck’s members oversee safety, passenger delivery, exterior maintenance, and outdoor activities.

Captain: Regardless of the size of the yacht, the captain is under strict international rules and regulations. Their responsibility as the captain of the vessel is all-encompassing. They are responsible for keeping the vessel, and those on it, in order and safe.

First Mate/Chief Officer: The First Mate or Chief Officer is the captain’s right hand and shares the same responsibilities and rules as the captain. When required, the first mate/chief officer takes command of the yacht when directed by the captain.

Deckhand: Deckhands handle maintaining the yacht’s exterior, keeping it under pristine condition. They also assist in maintaining, cleaning, and operating yacht tenders.

Bosuns/Lead Deckhand: Bosuns spend most of their time on deck with guests and are typically the main tender driver. They share similar responsibilities to Deckhand but have more obligations and overrule them.

Deckhand: Deckhands are responsible for maintaining the yacht’s exterior and keeping it in pristine condition. They also aid in cleaning and operating yacht tenders.

2. Engineering Crew

The engineering crew is responsible for the safety and the operation of the vessel running smoothly.

Chief Engineer: By overseeing the vessel’s mechanical and electrical operations, the chief engineer has an essential job on the vessel while handling the entire engineering department. It is critically important that the chief engineer is calm, collected, and knowledgeable of the vessel. The chief must familiarize the boat’s technical aspects and equipment. These tools are required to have a great chief engineer.

IT Officer: Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) and AV/IT Officer oversee the daily maintenance of all electronics on the vessel; this includes computers, audio//visual, communications equipment (radio, radar, telephones, satellite communications, navigation system, computers, internet connection interior equipment such a tv’s, sound system, etc.

Electrician: The electrician is responsible for maintaining all electrical circuits onboard the vessel, circuit breakers, switches, lighting, etc.

3. Interior Crew

The interior crew oversees housekeeping, guest wellbeing and activities.

Steward: A steward’s responsibility is to maintain the vessel’s interior and provide the highest service for the guests on board. Serving beverages/food, preparing for guest activities, and any other requests from the vessel owner and their guests are only a few of the duties a steward is assigned.

Cleaning Crew: The cleaning crew’s responsibility is to maintain the yacht’s cleanliness throughout the vessel’s trip out to sea and after.

4. Galley Crew

The galley is responsible for all food preparation, stock control, hygiene, and galley maintenance.

Head Chef: The head chef is a highly luxury trained professional chef. They are responsible for overall management and preparation in the galley department. Always providing exclusively divine meals for guests and upon request. The head chef must also prepare and serve the crew.

Sous Chef: The sous chef is required to assist the head chef in all aspects of the galley duties.

It is important to have a crew that is trustworthy and knowledgeable. By the end of the day, your vessel’s crew will be like your family; after all, you’ll be seeing your crew each time you set out for sea!

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