Peter Kelly was born in Sacramento, California, and moved to Miami in 2018. As a child, his interests were primarily sports, anything outdoorsy, such as football. With time, his interests grew, becoming fond of boating, scuba diving, kickboxing, cooking, and cigars.

Peter graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno, studying International Business and Finance. Florida Yachts International welcomed Peter to the family in January 2021, selling his first boat, a Yamaha 242. “Nothing like the freedom of being out on the open water; always loved it,” Peter explained. He realized he was passionate about boats as a child. “Taking the boat out on the lake as a kid, wakeboarding and tubing made me realize my love for boats.”

Favorite Boat?

“Tough one depends on the situation! Fishing trips or a quick run to the Bahamas, Intrepid. For day boats, I’d go with Pardo, VanDutch, Fjord.. for longer trips or more comfort; I am a big fan of Sunseeker, Pershing, and other Italian yachts.”

Favorite Music to Listen to on the Boat?

“Rufus du Sol or any good house music.”

Where is your Favorite Destination to Boat to?

“Elliot Key south of Miami. There are plenty of places I haven’t been to yet in the Caribbean or Med.”

What is your most Memorable Moment on Board?

“My most memorable moment on board would have to be fishing for Mahi with a couple of my best friends.”

What is your most Memorable Moment at FYI?

“Palm Beach boat show.”

Any Tips for Future Brokers?

“Building your network would be a tip I would give future brokers.”