BENETTI PROJECT LIFE SUPERYACHT CONCEPT WITH ESPEN ØINO HAS REVOLVING LOUNGEEspen Øino, a renowned stylist of super-size superyachts, has joined forces with Benetti, a major player in custom yacht construction. The result is the remarkable Benetti Project Life superyacht concept. This 279-foot masterpiece introduces groundbreaking innovations, including a moving room and a focus on alfresco living, while emphasizing sustainability. Learn more about the future of luxury yachting by continuing to read.

Espen Øino is one of the most prolific stylists of super-size superyachts. Benetti has increasingly landed contracts in that same upper tier of custom yacht construction. Naturally, then, the two were destined to team up. The Project Life superyacht concept isn’t just a big size proposal, however. It brings innovative thinking to the onboard experience, with a room that moves—and more.

The concept is for a 279-footer (85-meter), which falls into a size range that has gained strong interest over the past decade or so. It allows for an abundance of leisure and entertainment areas for a traditional owners’ party of 12, for example, or a slightly higher guest total. Regardless, with Øino, the shipyard wanted to bring fresh ways of enjoyment to owners and guests. It was especially important to do this on the aft decks, since clients spend much of their time on these open spaces.

Of course, the Project Life superyacht concept upholds the notion of big gathering areas, which typically characterize aft decks. Simultaneously, it upholds the idea of arranging and rearranging loose furnishings to suit the needs day or night. However, the creativity comes in having a physical space itself adjust to the day or night. Specifically, a big revolving lounge takes prominence, repositioning according to the time of day.

Øino notes that yacht owners and guests have long spent the majority of their time outside while aboard. Despite it being the reality for a long time, clients are just now prioritizing it in their search for their next contract. Unfortunately, it’s hard for them to find the right solutions, since most yachts simply don’t emphasize alfresco areas more than interior areas. Project Life aims to change that, particularly for buyers of big yachts, where the height above the water—and therefore physical separation from it—is greater.

the Benetti Project Life superyacht concept
Another feature of the concept is a “marina” to the side of the beach club. It complements what the yard and designer consider activity zones as part of the huge, fold-out swim platform.

Inside, meanwhile, the Project Life superyacht concept reflects the work of Zuretti Design. The studio has collaborated with the shipyard on numerous custom and semi-custom projects over the decades. For this concept—which can be built—studio head François Zuretti echoes the natural seascape colors. Ceiling heights and materials were important, too, to ensure inside-outside flow and connection felt and looked seamless. Curves charactertize many areas as well, such as the main saloon, upper lounge, and main entry. Lighting design similarly plays an important role, creating specific atmospheres and moods.

The Project Life superyacht concept emphasizes Benetti’s sustainability research, including reliance on HVO fuel and hybrid propulsion. Solar panels can be aboard as well, to feed hotel loads as well as tenders and toys.

Notably, this isn’t the first time that Benetti has taken a far more creative approach to a specific superyacht space. A few years ago, it re-imagined the beach club and swim platform with the RWD design studio, creating the Oasis Deck. This configuration has captivated multiple customers since then. Additionally, the shipyard recently introduced the Benetti Veranda Deck, further with RWD. It proposes to do for the main saloon what the Oasis Deck has done below decks. The Veranda Deck takes a little-used enclosed lounge and instead open it up, quite literally, on three sides. This therefore makes it an extension of the aft deck.

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