Azimut Magellano 30M: A Fusion of Art and Yachting Excellence Debuts in MiamiIn the realm of modern yachting, the Azimut Magellano emerges as a beacon of innovation and luxury at the Miami International Boat Show, showcasing visionary designs by Ken Freivokh and Vincenzo de Cotiis. With its distinctive exterior and 1980s-inspired interiors, the Magellano 30M redefines the standards of elegance and comfort on the open sea, promising an unparalleled experience for North American enthusiasts. As Azimut makes its mark in the U.S. market, the Magellano 30M not only embodies the pinnacle of maritime engineering but also heralds a new era of opulence and sophistication on the waves. FYI Yachts has several Azimut Magellano yachts to offer, from a brand new 2024 100ft to a 2022 or 2017 66ft. To view more Azimut yachts, click here

Explore the visionary designs of the Azimut Magellano 30M, a beacon of modern yachting at the Miami International Boat Show. Discover how its innovative features and design are setting a new standard for luxury yachting in North America.

At the Miami International Boat Show, the Azimut Magellano 30M emerged as a beacon of modern yachting, marrying the visionary designs of Ken Freivokh and Vincenzo de Cotiis. This collaboration has resulted in a yacht that not only pushes the boundaries of naval architecture but also redefines luxury at sea. The Magellano 30M, with its innovative features and design, promises to captivate the North American market.

Design and Innovation

The Magellano 30M’s exterior, crafted by Ken Freivokh, showcases a modern yet timeless design with its nearly rectangular silhouette, rounded windows, and circular portholes. This design pays homage to classic 1960s Benetti yachts through its distinctive louvers. Inside, Milan-based designer Vincenzo de Cotiis has infused the interiors with a 1980s inspired aesthetic, characterized by pastel colors, mirrored surfaces, and the extensive use of ‘artistic fiberglass’. The yacht’s design emphasizes openness and space, with an innovative layout enhanced by vast glass areas and low-set furniture, creating an expansive atmosphere onboard.

Features Focused on Comfort and Efficiency

A standout feature of the Magellano 30M is its Dual Mode hull, designed to reduce fuel consumption, coupled with lithium batteries that allow for extended anchor times without the need for engine operation. This makes the yacht not only more efficient but also environmentally friendlier. The primary suite, with its sole-to-ceiling windows, offers unparalleled views and an immersion into the marine environment. The flybridge, serving as the main dining area, caters to contemporary yacht usage trends, emphasizing outdoor living and entertainment.

Impact on the U.S. Market

The Magellano 30M’s debut at the Miami International Boat Show signifies Azimut’s strong entry into the North American market. This yacht, through its blend of innovative design and features, sets a new standard for luxury yachting. Its design, which balances artistic elements with practicality, positions it as a leading contender for discerning yacht buyers in the U.S. The Magellano 30M not only represents a significant milestone for Azimut but also highlights the evolving preferences of yacht enthusiasts, who increasingly value a combination of performance, comfort, and artistry.

The Magellano 30M’s introduction to the U.S. market is not just a testament to Azimut’s legacy of excellence but also a reflection of the changing dynamics in luxury yachting. As it sets sail in North American waters, the Magellano 30M is poised to redefine expectations, blending the art of yacht design with the science of naval engineering, and charting a course towards a new horizon in luxury maritime adventures.

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