66 ft Palmer Johnson 2019

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Brand Palmer Johnson
Model Bugatti Niniette
Year 2019
Fuel Type
Cruising Speed 38 kn
LOA 66 ft
Beam 21.67 ft
Horse Power 2,400 hp
Engine Model 2: V8-1200, V8-1200 ftp


Palmer Johnson Bugatti Niniette 66: tech and luxury meet in heaven

inspired by Bugatti Chiron hyper-car: Palmer Johnson Bugatti Niniette 66.

Born from a cooperation between two of the most prestigious brands in their respective sectors, Palmer Johnson Bugatti Niniette 66 has finally made her debut. She’s a 66-foot (or 20-meter) cruiser with a stunning look in black and Bugatti-blue, and features the most advanced technology.

Palmer Johnson Bugatti Niniette 66: it’s a rather long name, where actually each term means a lot. We’ll soon tell you why, but first let’s see what we are talking about.

Palmer Johnson Bugatti Niniette from sketches to reality

After the first renderings shown over one year ago, this is the first definitive model of a range supposedly spacing between 50 and 80 feet. Built in carbon fiber in order to increase rigidity and reduce displacement, Niniette 66 boasts a rather peculiar hull. The reversed, sharp bow widens to the hull sides, where the main design feature is the circular element which directly recalls the look of Bugatti Chiron hyper car. The bow is larger than usual, as it houses an innovative solution (although we’ve seen it already, right on a Palmer Johnson: the 49-meter Khalilah): two sharp and quite short side sponsons provide increased stability, directionality in navigation and steadiness while at anchor.The outer deck of Palmer Johnson Bugatti Niniette 66 reflects the approach by the two brands, who use the most refined materials, strictly handcrafted: leather of course, then carbon fiber, and “blue morta” oak wood.The cockpit houses a Jacuzzi / solarium and a champagne bar, but the main feature is for sure the fire pit: put aside the safety concerns, which of course are the top priority for any boater, but think of it as the best way to complete your perfect summer night at anchor in a quiet bay.The piloting seats and the dashboard are closely inspired by Bugatti supercars, the formers being bucket-shaped with integrated headrest, and the latter sporting a Bugatti wheel and a futuristic screen for digital instruments.

Belowdecks, Palmer Johnson Bugatti Niniette 66 feature an unusual layout for this size. Don’t look for the typical three cabins / three heads, as here the fore part is dedicated to a large saloon with curved sofas and top-notch materials: polished metal, exposed carbon fiber, leather, marble. To complete the ambiance, the front bulwark sports the horse-shoe pattern which bejewels the front of every Bugatti.
A bathroom serves a day toilet, while a second one in the master cabin amidships: the level of luxury reserved to the owner is the same you can experience all around. Customization is virtually limitless, in terms of colors, materials and finishing, so that each Ninette 66 is a unique piece of art.

Palmer Johnson is getting close to their first century, having started in 1918 as builder of small wooden crafts. Since then, they evolved to become manufacturer of iconic and successful yachts. Their sailing units in aluminum won the main regattas in the first half of the last century, while in 1979 a Palmer Johnson motor yacht conquered a world record which remained unbeaten for over a decade. Among the 275 units built so far, some models are truly unmistakable: Sportyacht 210 in aluminum, or Supersport 72 meters in carbon fiber. And, of course, the aforementioned Khalilah, 49 meters in composite with side sponsons to stabilize the bow.
Bugatti can claim an even longer history, while at the moment they build the fastest supercar in the world: Chiron, capable of 1500 HP and 420 km/h (261 mph). But few know that the founder Ettore Bugatti did build a boat himself: in 1930 Prince Carlo Maurizio Ruspoldi commissioned him a fast cruiser, which was then dubbed Niniette, after the pet belonging to Ettore’s daughter Lidia Bugatti.
When Palmer Johnson and Bugatti started discussing a possible joint project back in 2015, they released the first renderings. Enthusiasm by Bugatti owners and fans went beyond expectations, although they were asking for a closer tie with the Chiron which had been launched meanwhile (March 2016). So, designers went back to their drawing tables and changed the look of Niniette up to the one we see today.



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