Vinda Guardia

Vinda Guardia



FYI Yachts is excited to welcome their newest yacht consultant, Vinda Guardia. She is already taking the yachting industry by storm!

Growing up in Miami and having fond memories of boating with her family and friends on holidays and weekends, the yachting industry was not foreign to her. After living in New York City and Malibu, California, Guardia says, “Coming back to my hometown, I was able to reconnect to my childhood memories of boating.”

The yachting industry is the perfect fit for her – not only because she grew up in the water but because she experiences great satisfaction in finding the right boat for clients to create everlasting memories in our beautiful coastal waters, just like she did.
Guardia finds yachting to be therapeutic, and says it brings balance to this hectic world. She mentioned that she wants her clients to set sail from Miami & travel through the crystal clear waters to explore the gorgeous islands in the Carribbean. She said, “The uniqueness of this city and its surrounding waters is a lifestyle that no one should be excluded from.”

Guardia has been welcomed into the FYI family and already feels a part of the family. She says that the accessibility to ownership surpasses any brokerage out there.

Guardia said, “I truly find charm and fall in love with every yacht I am in. My ability to listen to a client’s lifestyle and needs allows me to pinpoint the perfect boat for their aquatic journey. My belief in finding your passion and living it translates into my relentless efforts to find you your dream boat because for me, this is never work.”

With her vast inventory and being a social media guru, she is destined for greatness and already securing the perfect listings for her clients!

If you are currently in the market to buy or sell, please do not hesitate to contact her!

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