Born and raised in Merida, Venezuela, Susana Riva moved to Miami in 2015. Being raised in a musically inclined environment allowed Susan to express herself intensely. She inherited her love for music from her family, practicing different instruments growing up. As a child, she vividly remembers accompanying her family during her mother’s concerts. She found herself singing at university as well as at different events. Growing up, Susana was fond of crossword puzzles, coloring, dancing, and cooking, including participating in many different sports. “Good Memories!” She says. To this day, Susana continues to find pleasure in these activities outside of being a broker here at Florida Yachts International.

You can find Susana at the beach, meditating, reflecting, and taking long walks during her spare time. She explained that she attempts to be consistent in the gym, always looking for different ways to better herself every day by studying and creating.

Susana attended the Universidad de Los Andes in Venezuela, graduating with a Bachelors’ in Universal History. As a salesperson, Susana joined FYI in May 2020, selling a Four Winns 2019 as her first boat. When asked what she would do if she were not a broker, she described, “I am a real estate agent; I would be doing the same thing in the sales industry.”

When she decided to work in the marina world she was fascinated by its “beauty.” She found it challenging at first due to the Yacht Industry primarily targeting men; however, she managed and continues to do what she loves. Now Susana proudly takes her clients on board and shares the beauty of the boats with each client.

Favorite Boat?

“This is a difficult question to answer; however, one of my all-time favorite boats is the RIVA.”

Where is your Favorite Destination to Boat to?

“My favorite destination is when I’m out at sea in the middle of nowhere.

What is your most Memorable Moment at FYI?

“My most memorable moment at FYI was when I attended a survey on the bow of a ’92 Riva. I will never forget this day.”

Any Tips for Future Brokers?

“My advice for future brokers would be to enjoy what you do and do what you love.”

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