Born in Detroit, Michigan, Silvio Gonzalez moved to Miami, Florida, at the mere age of 1. With his love for the ocean, he can’t quite remember when he wasn’t at sea. Silvio revolved his life around the water by fishing, spearfishing, free-diving, and boating, hobbies he grew fond of as a child and carried on into his adult years. Silvio made it his goal to ride on every boat possible as a child. He would “nit-pick and run through” each boat to see what he liked and disliked. “I’ve been drawn to the water my whole life,” Silvio explains. “There is nothing I’d rather be doing unless it includes the ocean.” By being on the boat at least 3 to 4 times a week, Silvio truly has a special place in his heart for the water. A lifelong commitment to the sea.

Attending the University of Florida for three and a half years and one year at Florida International University, Silvio graduated with a Bachelor’s in International Business and a certificate in Trade and Investment. He began working with Florida Yachts International in late 2021 and explains that he continues to learn something new about the yachting industry daily, never planning to leave. Being part of four sales at FYI so far, his first sale being a 2012 30′ Grady White, Silvio is committed to selling these beautiful yachts.

“Someone once told me you need to be passionate about your career. If you’re not, you’ll be miserable and unsuccessful.” Silvio explains when asked what had gotten him interested in the boating industry. His passion runs deep in boats, finding interest in engineering and the details and patience given to each boat when built, making no boat the same. He realized that boats were an essential tool his life revolves around.

When asked what he would be doing if he weren’t a broker, Silvio said, ” For all the country music lovers; as Luke Comb once said, “I’d be doin’ this if I wasn’t doin’ this…” I would be somewhere in the boating industry if I weren’t a broker. I love talking to people and talking to them about boats, and I wouldn’t be doing anything different.”

Favorite Boat?

“My dream boat right now would be a SeaVee 390b; however, it would be even nicer if that was my tender to a custom 90′ Jarrett Bay.”

Favorite Music to Listen to on the Boat?

This is a tough question; I am a huge fan of country music while fishing or cruising, but I need EDM playing at the sandbar.”

Where is your Favorite Destination to Boat to?

“The Bahamas have a special place in my heart. If I could go anywhere right now out of Miami, I would be pulling into Great Harbour Cay or Chub Cay in Berry Islands, Bahamas.”

What is your most Memorable Moment on Board?

“Every day on the boat is the best day ever, but to give you an answer, I would have to say anytime I get to cross the Bahamas with my Crew. We spend the day spearfishing and do not end up seeing another boat all day experiencing the incredible marine life!”

What is your most Memorable Moment at FYI?

Getting my second commission check and having Ralph Navarro tell me “Good Job.” The second was better than the first because doing something once can be luck, but doing it twice means I did something right.

Any Tips for Future Brokers?

Don’t expect to come in and work Monday-Friday for only a couple of hours. There is always something else you can be doing. If you find yourself with nothing to do, get creative.”