When it comes to yacht brokers, everyone talks a big game.  But not everyone performs.

Florida Yachts International is different. We are relentless, aggressive and laser-focused on the sale. Our yacht consultants are dedicated to serving our clients full-time. Our clients return time and again because they know if there is a deal to be found, FYI will find it and close it quickly.

We’ve been successfully working this way since 1992.

Do you want to sell your yacht? List it with FYI.




We make deals happen. We don’t rely on what everyone else does. We have qualified buyers that have boats for sale or for trade which we match with incoming yachts for sale. If there is a way to make a deal, it will be done. With trade-ins, exchanges, multiple parties, and other out-of-the-box methods, many of our sales are achieved through creative 2- and 3-way deals.





Experience is a word easily thrown around today. But actual industry experience is hard to come by. Our yacht consultants have over 200 years of combined experience in the yachting industry. They are dedicated, and their only job is yacht sales.





Our only priority is getting your yacht sold. If a listing yacht consultant is unavailable at any given time, another team member will show that listing to the interested buyer. Unlike our competitors, we will never miss or ask to reschedule a showing because the listing yacht consultant is not available.





Our clients become part of the family and there’s nothing we won’t do for family. Our network is one of the strongest in Miami. 60% of our listings are sold in-house. Not many other brokerage companies are able to match that.





International is part of our name for a reason. We have our own team members across Latin America, Europe and Asia who make selling anywhere in the world convenient and easy. This is not something new, it started with our founding, back in 1992. Having representatives and associates who understand the local culture is an invaluable tool at your disposal. Our ability to assist sellers and buyers in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian and Greek is a natural part of the business for us.





All yacht brokers will sell you on how their plan will guarantee maximum visibility.  Professional photography and videography. Social media blitz.  Your yacht will be listed with YachtWorld, Yatco, BoatTrader and on dozens of other websites. In practice, it generally ends there. Sit back and let the buyers come. At FYI, online marketing and beautiful images are just the beginning. With our active database of 50,000 subscribers to our news and updates, over 90,000 followers on Facebook, 7,000 on Instagram, 7,500 connections on LinkedIn, your yacht’s visibility is the springboard we use to expand our strong network and sell your yacht quickly and efficiently.





When you list with FYI, you become part of the family. We have grown over the years, but we are still a family-oriented company with personal attention to this day. We connect with our clientele on a personal level in many different ways. From our exclusive private social gatherings to presence at boat shows, from social media to email campaigns, and from print advertising in luxury outlets to partnering with other luxury brands, we broker the lifestyle, not just the boat.





Miami is our home. We have been in Coconut Grove since our founding in 1992 and are proud to be active in local causes and events. Our location allows us to be in the heart of our customer’s backyard. We truly know our customers because we live where they live. We are one of the largest, oldest and best-known mainstream yacht brokerages in Miami.


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