Bank Owned

A bank-owned yacht can mean big savings to a buyer, often securing a yacht below fair market value. Florida Yachts International has long established relationships with European banks, affording our clients’ unique access to a large inventory of bank-controlled yachts. Purchasing a bank-controlled yacht is an option for buyers who are in the market for a pre-owned yacht, but not keen on the price tag of a standard pre-owned yacht listed on Yachtworld, Yatco or BoatTrader.

Representing banks means our clients often get a first look at these unique listings. FYI has successfully handled hundreds of transactions involving this type of inventory since our inception in 1992. From luxury yachts to modern motor yachts, to cruisers and sport fishing boats, the inventory consists of bank recoveries, repossessed boats, and brokerage boats from all around the world.

FYI ADVICE AND GUIDANCE: Clients should prepare to invest in their vessel post purchase since owners tend to neglect their yacht once they realize the lender is going to take possession. These vessels may need cosmetic repairs, routine maintenance, and minor or even major repairs. By working with FYI, rather than attempting to purchase a repossessed yacht through the lender or at auction, buyers have the advantage of a yacht expert on their team who can make a full assessment of the yacht, allowing buyers to make an informed decision based on their budget and needs. We invite you to explore our bank controlled inventory with the assistance of our expert Yacht Consultants, helping you avoid the dreaded pitfalls and caveats of navigating the world of repossessed boats for sale.

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